Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Heart Of Christmas ♥ PLAY ALONG!

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Last year, before I was a blogger, THIS blogger did something so wonderfully fun for Christmas! She is apparently not doing it this year, much to my extreme dissappointment! :( *sniffles* Well who says that has to spoil my fun? Every year I want to make homemade things but get distracted and then don't get anything finished in time. What better way to keep me motivated and focused on the TRUE heart of CHRISTmas than a fun interactive bloggy carnival with all of you! What do you say? Want to join the fun?

What to put in your posts (you can use any one, several, or all of these ideas in each post):
-Something about how you stay focused on Jesus.
-Something you have bought/made as a gift for someone, or a link to an idea for a project you would LIKE to make for a gift.
-A Christmas recipe.
-Talk about one of your family traditions, why you do it and what it means.
-A sweet Christmas memory.
-Anything else that is related to the HEART of Christmas, having a sweet and thankful spirit, handmade with love, giving, helping the needy, avoiding getting stressed out, avoiding focus on money and gifts, seeing Jesus as the bringer of every good and perfect gift, etc.

We want to avoid posts that encourage complaining and stressing, focus on money/Santa/gifts (commercialism), and keeping up with the Jones'.

I will try to post a Heart of CHRISTmas post at least once a week and link it. You may link a post every week, or every day, or just once or twice. You know I'd love it if you linked often of course... Lol! But I know you can't post if you don't have something you feel like posting about. ;) So just join in when you want to. :) There is not a specific day of the week to do this. Just come here and link up each time you have a qualifying post.
1. Write a post that falls within the guidelines above. (Or you can use an old post of like a Christmas craft or recipe or gift idea.)
2. Include this button in the post. If you would like, you can put it in your blog's sidebar too to draw more people to this meme. Use the code provided which links the button back here so people can browse the other participating blogs.
Click to see other posts in this blog carnival or add your own!
3. Link your post to the MckLinky below so others can find it! :) Please include the name of your blog and most importantly the title of your post in the "Name" field when linking. LINK DIRECTLY TO THE SPECIFIC POST, not just to your blog in general. For example my first link will not go merely to - it will instead be a specific link to a specific post; Make sense? Link to the post, not the whole blog.
4. Browse the other posts in the MckLinky list to see what others are doing for CHRISTmas. We all love comments so if you'd like to leave some love for the other participants we'd be ever so excited! :D


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this! I posted the link to my Samaritan's Purse Challenge. I am so glad there are other parents out there who see the need to focus their children away from the holiday hype and teach them the true meaning of Christmas.



  2. Thank you for linking up! I was afraid nobody else was going to do this with me! It could be so much fun with lots of people. :)

  3. I'd like to be part of this, but I have not yet posted anything to be part of the MckLinkey...when I do, I'll be back. For a few weeks I'll be focused on my coming bunchkin (due the 21st) but I'd like to be part of this.

    I am grabbing your button for now, until I can come back and fully participate.

  4. Thank you Penelope! I'd be thrilled to have you join at any time! :) And I'm honored you took my button. Congratulations on your coming bundle of joy! :)

  5. OK, I messed up on MClinky, it is the first time I have used it. I need to delete and give the exact URL for the Book Bed Bags. Can you help?

  6. Thanks for fixing my boo-boo. Now I am all linked up!

  7. You're welcome Heather! I am sorry I couldn't find the post and just fix it. I was getting ready for our Thanksgiving trip and couldn't find the right post. I'm glad you were able to fix it! I visited and those are great posts. Thank you so much for joining in! :D


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