Monday, January 28, 2013

It's sinking in that my youngest is over a year old now...

Beautiful baby,
Beautiful girl,
So precious and tiny,
Like a perfect pearl,
A treasure for Heaven,
Worth more than the Earthly,
A blessing is given,
From God to our family,
A beautiful baby,
A precious sweet baby,
A treasure, a soul,
A sweet baby girl.

My sweet youngest baby girl has turned one! In fact, because of the logistics of having a Christmas-vicinity birthday, we just had a party for her on Saturday! She's technically 13 months old now but it's finally sinking in for me I think... my babiest baby is almost a toddler! *bittersweet tears* How can time fly so fast? She is such a joy to all of us! Such a sweet happy baby! I was so blessed to marry my beloved husband, and every time God has multiplied our little family, we have all felt so blessed! Number 4 is no exception!