Friday, September 11, 2009

PRE-Preschool; Teaching Your Child From Birth (Pt. 1 -verbal skills)

The first 3 years of a child's life are downright miraculous. Think about it, they can go from totally helpless and incompetent to being able to walk, run, climb, talk, sing, draw, play, act, exaggerate, converse, request, querry, and follow simple commands. Among other things. It's amazing how the newborn child is programmed to learn learn learn so very much in such a short time! Alot of parents just do the minumum and let their child teach themself in these precious and crucial first 3 years. Dare I say it? I think that the first 3 years are of key importance in teaching a child to love learning, teaching them HOW to learn, and teaching them things that will become more difficult for them to learn at an older age. And especially, teaching them behavioural skills! I only have 2 littles so far but I've been teaching PRE-pre-school for 3 years now as a mommy to my kids -here are some things I've learned and some ways to teach your child from birth.

Narrate everything to your baby as you are doing it.
"I am opening the refrigerator! See Baby? Opened! Closed! Opened! Closed!"
"Let's get the mail! Open the door, look in the mailbox! See the mail in the mailbox? Can you grab it? Here, you can hold it while we go back inside. Good job! You helped get the mail!"
"Left foot in your left pant leg! Right foot in your right pant leg! Yay! Now lets puuuullll up your britches! Yay!  All pulled up! You are now dressed!"
This will teach them rights and lefts long before it becomes a chore to remember! I was 6 or older before I knew right from left. It was so hard for me to remember! But I've been narrating right and left every time we get my daughter dressed from the day of her birth and she knew right from left by 2 1/2 or sooner.
Narrate when you are kissing or tickling baby too. Say "Kissy kisses!" and then lean in to kiss those delicious cheeks. Wiggle your fingers in front of baby and get progressively closer, saying "tickle... tickle tickle... tickle tickle..." until your fingers touch baby and as you are frantically tickling also frantically say, "Tickle tickle!" repeatedly. Baby will associate the word "tickle" with being tickled and the word "Kiss" with being kissed.

Don't talk alot of babytalk. You know you wanna just pinch those cheeks and say coochie goo, but instead of training your baby that getting pinched cheeks means coochie goo (whatever that is!), try saying "Oh sweet cheekies!" instead. At least then baby is learning that those chubby soft sides of his face are called something like "sweet cheekies."

Folding laundry? Play peek a boo with the clothes before you fold each one! And don't forget to narrate! "Where is Mommy? Boo! There is Mommy! Mommy was hiding behind the sock!" Your child will learn that foot-shaped thing is called a sock, that Mommy will always come back, and that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it is not there!

Letters and numbers- point them out wherever you go! You are in McDonald's? "Look baby! An 'M'! Do you know what M says? M says mmmmm!" Just like you would do with farm animals, "Look baby, it's a cow! What does a cow say? Cow says MOOO!"

Speak clearly! Sing all the time. Kids learn so much from songs! This is a great way to start teaching BEFORE the child is even born! Sing to your unborn baby. She will learn the sound of your voice and learn to listen for it, to hang on your every word.

Watch what you say! If you don't want your kids to say certain words, set the example and don't use those words! Even as young as in the womb this is important! The child in your womb is connected to you because you are literally her entire world, and she can feel the negative emotions that are associated with saying words that you are ashamed to say, or that evoke anger or despair in you. And once the child is born they are learning, learning everything. Learning how you react to things. If you react with a curse to spilled milk, they are learning that is acceptable behavior. They can see, hear, smell you so be careful what you fill their little senses with. Watching violent or profane movies in the vicinity of your baby is not beneficial and could possibly have long term effects we don't know about yet. I have memories from before I could talk, and I was talking in sentences by 18 months old according to my Nana, so you never know what your little baby will remember. Plant good seeds. Speak clearly, speak often, speak encouragingly.

If you want your child to say please and thank you, don't start yelling at them or threatening to spank them if they don't mind their Ps and Qs! YOU set the example. I guarantee you that if the stay home parent says please and thank you to the child EVERY time, then the child will learn to do that as well! Of course the hope is that both parents will example this trait. Now I'm not saying that for an older child who used to say please that if he stops he should get away with it, no. I'm talking about the under 3 crowd who has not mastered the concept of saying "please" instead of "want it" just yet. If they do not use good manners consistently, then you cannot punish them when they are consistently inconsistent; You must be sure that they know what they know before you punish them for not acting upon it. Deliberate direct disobedience should be dealt with directly. Inconsistency or confusion however should be a message to you that the child needs more encouragement and more of your living example to get this concept to sink in. Again, I'm talking a little baby here, not an older child whom you know knows better! Willful disobedience should always be dealt with swiftly and concisely without anger on your part as the parent. But that's for another post.. ;)

These things encourage verbal skills. Word association is the first step to talking. Once baby knows that an item or action has a name, he will listen for that name when he sees/feels/hears/tastes/smells the object or action! And then he will try to speak it. It's amazing how much babies actually say that most people miss because they are not listening! I know a baby that stopped talking at 1 because nobody could understand him and did not begin talking again for over a year. Everyone wants to be understood, to really be heard, so trying to hear and understand your baby's babble as the wanna-be words they are will encourage him to speak more!

Baby's on the changing table making sounds. Do you ignore and hurriedly change the diaper? Or do you listen to the baby and then realize he's grabbing at his foot saying "ut?" Encourage him! Reply, "Yes! Foot! Foot!" then wait for him to say it again. He will get clearer each try. Alternate, you say it and then wait for him to mimic you. You are teaching him how to correctly pronounce foot. Make sure he can see your mouth when you speak so he can see how your lips form the word. He will smile proudly into your loving eyes, knowing he's saying something that you understand and that you are proud of him for it!

On a final note, keep in mind that every child learns differently, at a different pace, and this does not mean there is something "wrong" with your child, merely that you as a parent have a special challenge to find the child's key- that way or teaching them that will open up their little mind to learning. Children with learning 'disabilities' are just as SMART as other children, they just LEARN DIFFERENTLY or at a different pace! And this can pose a very difficult thing for the teaching parent to find the child's key because their key is different than the parent's key and the siblings' keys so it might take a lot of tries and thinking outside the box to find it. Just remember to do your best not to get frustrated in front of your child. If you are frustrated that you can't help them, they will take it to mean you are frustrated at them and they in turn will be discouraged and frustrated. Frustrated children are harder to teach.

Dear mothers, so many of whom have been mothers longer than I and must have so much wisdom to share, PLEASE I encourage you to add a comment here about how YOU encourage verbal skills in little babies! Please do enrich this post with your wisdom! :)
I know all of us, regardless of how long we've been a parent or how new to it, can learn something from one another. Let us lift one another up in raising Godly children, starting from birth! Be kind, be teachable, be willing to teach, and be respectful. God bless you!


This is part 1 of a series on ways to teach your tiny ones before school ever starts. I hope to write a part 2, etc. to go along with this post someday!

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Bug is 13 months old!

Little Buggie is officially 13 months old! Awwww! He's getting a bit spoiled though... He woke up for a diaper change and I changed it and put him back to bed with a bottle of water. He was fine for a minute and then began crying again. I was in the kitchen making him a milk bottle. Well when I got in there with the milk bottle he had thrown the water across the room. When he saw the milk bottle in my hand his cries turned into a maniacal laugh that reminded me a little bit of Gollum off of LOTR! Mmmhmmm. I think I've been played. :-/

Recipe: Potato Cheese Soup

Happy Fry-day! :) With the colder weather moving in, at least at night, I thought a nice soup recipe was in order! When it's cold out there's nothing more comforting than snuggling up with a nice hot chocolate or hot soup!

Potato Cheese Soup
3 potatoes (peeled and quartered)
1 small onion (finely chopped)
1 C water
1 tsp Salt
3 C milk
2 T. flour
half a stick of butter
Dash of pepper
1 C grated cheese

In a saucepan, bring potatoes, onion, water, and salt to a boil. Cover and turn down to a simmer...
Meanwhile, put the milk in the blender with the flour and blend until there are no lumps.
Back in your pot, simmer until potatoes are tender through. Do not drain; mash them a bit with a fork. Stir in all the rest of the ingredients except cheese. Cook and stir over medium heat until thickened and bubbley. Remove from heat and stir in cheese. Garnish with parsley and a pinch of shredded cheese.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skirt pictures finally!

Skirts, kids, books, and burnt meat.
So I'm sitting here procrastinating becuause I don't feel much like blogging right now, but I won't be here later and I know that once I get started I'm on a roll and it will be hard to STOP so here goes... ;)
Last weekend I posted about some pretty new fabric I bought to sew myself a new skirt. Well after making myself a skirt, there was enough left to make Chicklet a matching one. Here's the fabric I used:
Pretty isn't it?
And here is the skirt I made for myself:
And here is a pic of the one for me along with the little one for Chicklet.
See how cute and matchy? Lol! You can read about how much she loves her new skirt in this post.

I'm currently reading the book "Only the River Runs Free' by Bodie and Brock Thoene. I'm still on chapter 1 so totally lost on the plot! Lol!

Friday night I was reading blogs until late. Yeah yeah I'm getting addicted to blogs, I know! ;) Well I had thawed some ground beef and was cooking it to refreeze in 1 pound baggies for future convenience, and it was cooking away while I was in bloggyland. Yeah you guessed it- I started to burn it:
Yummy. That's what I get for not paying attention, eh? :p

The kids are both being so difficult sleep-wise this past week! I don't know if it's the sudden change in weather or what! I would say Buggie's teething again because he's drool city, but there are no little bumps in there yet so it could be a while. He currently has the front 8 teeth. Chicklet could be teething too... she's got a molar that's halfway in and growing slowly. She has been biting her hands all the time now when she's tired or upset. I have to keep reminder her to stop biting her hands and when I pull her hands out of her mouth they are pruny from drool. Icky!
Schooling Chicklet is going about like I expected; good but slow. We are working on the learn to read in 100 Easy Lessons book but I have to break it down a LOT because she's not yet 3 and has an attention span of almost 3 minutes to coordinate with her age. So we started about a month ago and we are on lesson #2. Yeah. Really slow. But that's okay, I'd rather do it at her pace and have her love learning than push her and have her hate it and be difficult to teach! Right now she loves learning everything and asks me questions all the time. She is really a joy to teach! :)
Bug is still not walking, but he's letting go and standing on his own for nearly a minute at a time now. ;) He's loving being in the walker again and zooms all over the place. He's a little speeder like his daddy... Oops did I say that out loud? *wink* No seriously my hubby doesn't speed anymore now that he has kids. He loves us too much to do that. :)

Speaking of my wonderful amazing awesome husband... did I tell you he brought me home a frappuccino not too long ago? :) I love my Starbucks but it's 45 minutes to the closest one. Well on his way home from work he grabbed me one and when he walked in the door I melted (pun intended)! It was deeelicious! :D

Well that's all I can think of on the update front. For now at least. Let me know if there's something you want to hear more about. :) Have a great rest of your day!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Giveaway: Carter's Baby Hat! {Ended}

I'm doing another giveaway! Just in time for my 1 month blogiversary! That's right, I've been blogging for a whopping 1 month now. :) I had a different giveaway planned but due to time constraints I was unable to finish it in time. Maybe it will be ready next week. Meanwhile, I am doing a giveaway for YOUR CHOICE OF ONE of the hats in this pic:

Leave a comment on this post telling me which hat you would like if you win, and tell me something about the child you are hoping to win it for. :)
If you are a follower, or become a follower of this blog before the giveaway is over, please make a SECOND post telling me you're a follower and it will count as a second entry (if you have entered first with a comment as detailed above).
To enter a THIRD (and fourth?) time, Make a blog post (and/or Tweet) with the link to this giveaway and then come back and post a seprate comment on this post saying you have blogged/tweeted it.

The prize is your choice of one of the hats in the picture (whichever one you mention in your entry).
The sunhat and bonnet are infants 3-9 months, the beanie that is the same white w/ blue pattern as the sunhat and bonnet is 0-3 months, and the other 3 beanies are size NB. All hats are Carter's brand, NWT (New With Tags).

I am not responsible for any defect in the hats - I have looked them over and they look fine to me so any problems are the fault of the Carter's company.
I am not responsible for anything that happens to it in the mail. After it leaves my hands and enters those of the USPS, any delays or damages are the fault of the US postal system and I am not liable.
I'm not rich so it will be shipped cheap and may therefore be slow to arrive.
Please understand I'm a mommy and I know you moms know how hard it can be to get to the post office with multiple toddlers. So please extend me some grace if I am slow to get it to the P.O. for mailing. I will try to let you know when I have mailed it so you know when to expect it.

Giveaway ends sometime between bedtime on Tuesday, September 15th and morning on Wednesday, September 16th. Probably somewhere around midnight I will lock the replies and that will signal the end of the giveaway. If I don't remember to do that before I go to bed, I'll do it when I wake up instead. I will announce the winner on Wednesday.
To claim your prize you must check my blog on Wednesday, September 16th to see if you've won and if so, you must leave me your email address where I can contact you about mailing it. If you have not gotten your mailing address to me by Sept 22nd, one week from the close of the giveaway, the prize will be forfeited.

****UPDATE LATE EVENING 9/15: This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Georgiann!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Toddler Tales Tuesday: E.T. Phone Home

Friday, September 4th:
Chicklet (almost 3) was changing her Carter's doll's diaper. She comes running over to my box of kleenex and grabs one and runs off with it. I look over and she's wiping her dolly's bum with it! Lol!
We named the dolly "Jane" but she can't say Jane for some reason and keeps pronouncing the N as an M so she's forever running around calling it "baby Jaym!" I correct her and she does say it right for a while, but then every morning and after quiet time she starts calling it Jaym again.
Later, she comes running over and gets another kleenex and tells me, "I hava boogie" and proceeds to wipe her nose on it. Then she reaches up and starts wiping my face with her used kleenex telling me, "You needa washa face! Washa face, washa face..." Eeew!
She has been particluarly needy today for some reason (hey could it be LACK OF SLEEP?!?!?!) and has had me draw her literally two dozen pictures to color. Well I am getting a bit tired of drawing the same picture over and over so I gave her a sucker, a special treat, and told her to go sit down and eat it. I immediately hear CRUNCH! I tell her, "Sweetie you're supposed to count how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie in the middle silly, dont bite it!" (Especially when it's a bribe to get you to stop asking me to draw pictures for a few minutes! Oh wait, did I just type that out loud?) No more than one minute later I see her run to the trash with the empty stick. Then she runs up to me and starts tugging on my skirt and arm with her sticky fingers. I said, "Lets go wash your hands and face! You're sticky!" To which she replied, "Yep! I'm a stick!" Ummmmmm...

Saturday, September 5th:
Chicklet asked Daddy for some "Juice please!"
Daddy- "Oh sweetie I don't think we have any juice! How about milk?"
Chicklet- "Juice please!"
Daddy- "Oh sweetie I really don't think there is any left, how about some nice milk?"
Chicklet- (With puppydog eyes) "Ohhhh! Juice..." (sadly)
Daddy- "I'll look but I don't think there is any..."
(goes and looks in fridge) "I'm sorry sweetie there's only milk."
Chicklet- (sadly, wistfully) "Oh juice!"
Daddy- "Okay sweetie I'll think of something..."
(Puts some water in a sippy cup, adds a dash of lemon juice and spoonful of sugar and mixes) "Here you go sweetie!"
Chicklet- (takes a sip, pauses) "What is it?"
Daddy- (looks insulted) "It's lemonade!"
Chicklet- (appeased and happily) "Oh! Yummy lemonade!" (Walks off drinking it)

Sometime last week:
It's been forever since Chicklet watched Superwhy... and I could count on one hand the number of times she's seen it. But apparently that was enough. The other day she took off with my highlighter and then stopped in front of me, held it up in the air and said, "Whylighter write!" Hahaha! I held out my hand and replied, "I think it's 'Whywriter, highlight!' but that's a Momwriter so you'd better give it back to Supermom."

Monday, September 7th:
Chicklet is currently supposed to be napping but I hear a song drifting out to my ears, "Lalala... Super readers... la la la ... super story answer la la SuperWhy... super readers... la la..."

Sometime Last Week:
I was changing Bug's(age 12 months) diaper and he was pointing at me asking, "Tsis?" Which for those who don't know, is 'What's this?' in BuggieBabble. Then he started fussing but his finger was still pointing. I turned to him and pointed my finger and touched the end of my finger to the end of his as he watched, enthralled. As the tips of our fingers were touching, I leaned in real close and said, "ET phone home!" and he had a fit of hysterical giggles. So now every time I change his diaper he holds out his finger with a grin, waiting for me to touch mine to it and do ET impressions. After which he laughs like it's the funniest thing in the whole world!

If you have a sweet, cute, or funny Toddler (or kid) story, I'd love it if you'd share it here in the comments! :)
If you would like to post a Toddler Tales Tuesday on your blog, please just leave a link back to my blog in your post so people can see where you got the idea. You may leave a link to your post in my comments on the condition that you also post a comment! No link-and-runs please! ;) (I am still figuring out basic blogging so this will have to do until I am experienced enough to attempt a Mr. Linky or something.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mommy Moments

Well sadly, after my first and only 2 "Not Me Monday's," I read somewhere that MckMama has announced that she's moving on to the next chapter in her life and Not Me Monday will not be happening anymore. Bummer! So instead I will be blogging about Mommy Moments on Mondays. ;) I figured I have lots of those and should be able to come up with something of the sort to write at least most Mondays, right? ;) I consider a Mommy Moment to be anything that speaks of what IS Motherhood. The good and the bad. The tough moments, sweet moments, bonding moments, oops moments, ah-ha moments, silly moments...

Sweet: Lately I have been dancing with the kids. I turn on the playlist I have on here and take turns with them, picking them up and twirling them around the house. They both adore it! Thier little eyes like up, heads tip back with laughter, and they beg for more. We wind up laughing like maniacs on the floor gasping for air and I love every precious minute of it!

Mommy-Brain: Some time last week, the exact day I do not remember, I had a Mommy-brain attack. I went to get Bug a bottle for nap and as I'm pouring it I snapped out of my tired daze to realize I was just beginning to fill his bottle with lemonade instead of milk. Hmmm... Yeah that would have gone over like a lead balloon!

Sweet: Yesterday I sewed myself a new skirt (more on that to come and a pic too) and had more cotton calico than I expected leftover. So I sewed Chicklet a matching skirt and I honestly was totally surprised at how delighted she was! I had no idea how much it would mean to her. She was watching me sew and when I cut the thread and held it up to her she clasped her hands together with a big grin, eyes squeezed almost shut with excitement, and did a happy stomp dance while giggling. I helped her put it on and she ran around the kitchen like a nut for a moment before grabbing my hand and pulling me into the living room to "show Daddy." She ran to him and jumped around in front of him giggling, "Lookit skirt!" Then she climbed up onto the couch saying to me, " Mama sit!" - she wanted me to sit beside her so she could enjoy how our skirts match when we're sitting as well as standing. She patted both skirts at the same time and then bounced to Daddy again. I got up and said, "Hey lets spin around in our new skirts! I'll bet they look pretty spinning!" And proceeded to spin around until I got dizzy as she joined in, giggling all the while. We collapsed onto the couch dizzy and laughing. And I thought to myself what a blessing it is to have a daughter! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reminiscing Blessings

What a beautiful day it is today! Not too hot and not chilly! A lovely Sunday indeed. As I sit here thinking about my amazing God and the amazing things He's done for me, I am looking around at my miracle house. "A miracle house" you say? Why yes, a miracle house. :)
You see, it is not only miraculous that we were able to buy a house at all, but that we were able to buy such a nice house, with such a big yard, right when the economy was collapsing and banks were not wanting to give loans. It's miracle that the seller went down in price drastically for us when they had other offers. And it's a miracle that we were able to move into a bigger home JUST in time for baby Bug to be born. We literally moved in one week before he was born! :)
Here we are in the house, taking pictures to email to my parents to ask their opinion on putting an offer in:
I was so pregnant and roasting in the summer heat in that picture! And my little Chicklet was 1 3/4. It was only a little over a year ago and how time has flown! Yes, she is wearing socks under her sandals in the pic! ;) The yard needs alot of work, it's just dirt with thorns growing and no real grass. So I had her wear socks to protect her feet and so we could just take them off when we got back in the car to go home.
It's such a lovely house. All the open doorways are arched and the whole house is painted this light beige color inside. It's very open and bright with lots of windows. We had been looking for a house to buy since my husband got out of the military in 2005. Every time we found one we liked it was either too much or the offer was rejected. This one was way out of our league and we knew it. But after prayers and thoughts and discussions and advice... we offered. We had a set price that was the max we were able to afford and we were not going to stretch ourselves over that amount no matter what. It would be tempting if we thought we could get a house to go over our budget but that would wind up being horrible on us financially in the long run. I could just imagine us going bankrupt. So we agreed on our limit and promised each other and God that we were not going over it. We knew that God knew what we could afford and if the seller would not take it it was not for us. So the seller countered back higher, we countered back at our max price and they rejected. They expected a counter back again but we couldn't do it. That was all we had. Another dissappointment. Another fallthrough. BUT we were at peace because we knew if it had been God's will we would have gotten it. So my husband stopped by the real estate office on his way home from work to sign the rejection and end our involvement. And as he was pulling out of the parking lot, his phone rang. It was our agent. The seller had changed their mind!!!! They asked us to resubmit our last offer and they would accept it this time and that's how God worked to get us this house that was listed at $20,000 above our limit.
That can only be a God thing. There is so much more to the story, so many more little miracles along the way, but I don't have time to type them all up so I will just leave it at this, and go to bed with a smile tonight thinking of how God has provided this house for us and how VERY THANKFUL I am to Him for it! :)

Guess what I got today...

Happy Sunday! It's 1:00 in the morning as I'm writing this. I know I know... I said the other day that I was going to work on the whole actually sleeping at night thing. I will! Starting right after this post. *wink* I have tried lots of times to just go to bed earlier but if I do it too much earlier at once I just can't sleep so it's pointless. I have to go to bed just a little earlier, an hour tops, each night until I'm back into a healthy schedule. So 1am (or 1:30 when I'm done posting?) in the morning is not really bad if you consider that last night I was up until 3:30am! So if I can get my body to fall asleep anywhere this side of 3am it will be a miracle. Plus I had caffiene today and I love my Dr. Pepper once or twice a week but I'm one of those people who can't even look at caffeine or I'm wired for a week.
So here is my goal;
Tonight (or rather this morning) to sleep by 2:30am.
Sunday night (monday morning?) to sleep by 1:30am.
Monday night (Tuesday morning?) to sleep by 12:30am.
Tuesday night I should be able to go to bed on the near side of midnight if all goes as planned! :D Woohoo! I really love to stay up late but I just don't have the boundless energy to do it anymore like when I was 17! Especially not with my dear children thinking it's grand fun to wake up at 5am. What are they thinking?! Morning people! :p They didn't get it from me, that's for sure. ;) I'll bet it's my mom's morning person genes. They skipped a generation or something because *I* sure didn't get any morning person genes!

So now you're sitting there wondering if I had a point to this post or was I planning on just rambling on about how I should go to bed but don't... Yeah my main goal was just to yap about my sleeping habits but now that I've sufficiently bored you I might be able to squeeze in something a little more interesting... Hmmm.... *thinking* What shall I talk about? ;)

Okay okay I can't hold it in anymore... I went to WalMart today! Okay well not today actually since it's 1:21am now which means it's technically Sunday, hence the "happy Sunday" comment. So that means it was technically yesterday we went to WalMart even though that was a few hours ago but that is neither here nor there so... *takes deep breath* I bought fabric "yesterday" (aka a few hours ago, Saturday, today that is technically not today, you get it...)!!!
Woohoo! I am going to make myself a simple skirt so I got some fabric and am all excited now. *big grin*
Okay I'm done now. I apologize for having wasted 10 minutes of your life reading this that you cannot get back, but I was just so happy over the prospect of brand new fabric that I couldn't contain myself. :D You see, I've been living off someone else's castoff fabric stash that was given to me of scraps and remnants for the last... oh... 10 years or so. It was wonderful generous of them and I have loved every scrap! But after 10 years, what little I have left is rotting now. :( So when I got new, fresh, picked out by me fabric today, I was kind of like a kid getting ice cream for the first time or something. Although I about fainted when I looked at the prices on the bolts of fabric and saw that most were about $4-6 per yard. *feeling a little fainty again* Is fainty a word? I don't think it is. Hmmm...
Anywayzies I'm going to go to sleep now so that I will wake up and then I get to make my pretty new skirt. And I will try to post pictures so stay tuned! *wink* Now that you're totally intrigued and can't resist.