Saturday, July 30, 2011

We're having a...

Are you curious whether we'll be getting out the pink box or the blue box this time?
We had our ultrasound on July 19th. The baby was kicking and wiggling and so so fiesty! It was such a joy to watch! When it came time to peek at the bottom, this little one had their legs crossed. Of course. :) After a little bit of wiggling and poking on my part, and just relaxing on my side for a few minutes while the ultrasound tech left the room for a few minutes to let the baby get moved around a bit, the tech came back and we tried again.
She (the ultrasound tech) asked what I think I'm having, or I mentioned it, I don't remember which. I said I was thinking it is a girl. I said that I've known with all my babies so far before the ultrasound so I was excited to find out if my hunch was correct or if my streak was broken. :)
With Chicklet I was thinking that I wanted a boy first so we were "hoping" it was a boy. But some part of me knew since I kept gravitating to the girl baby clothes in stores and couldn't really bring myself to buy anything boyish. Then one day DH caught me embroidering a pink pansy onto a onesie. I couldn't seem to help myself. I was all about the pink subconciously, while outwardly I tried to be interested in the boy things. Lol! When they told us it looked like a girl, I remember thinking it made sense now how I just couldn't get "into" to baby boy shopping. :)
Then with Bug, I knew it was a boy from I think about 15 weeks on. At our ultrasound he wouldn't uncross his legs!! I was so upset because I had this obsessive need to have it confirmed that I was having a boy so I could start buying all the BLUE I was gravitating to on the store racks. Well DH surprised me with another ultrasound at a special ultrasound studio. Again he wouldn't uncross his legs, but the nice ultrasound tech said to roll on my left side for a few minutes, and then she took another look while I was on my side and we found out that he was indeed a boy!
With Babykins, we switched midwives and the new ones didn't do ultrasounds at all so we just went right to the same ultrasound studio, Fetal Fotos, when I got to 17 weeks. By the time I went in for that ultrasound I was quite convinced that she was another girl. Well obviously she is a girl, which the nice ultrasound tech confirmed for us.
This time, I was curious if God was giving me this sweet gift of knowing ahead of time once again, and it would appear that He was indeed, as the ultrasound tech is in agreement with my guess that it is another girl. :) A precious little baby girl! I can't wait to meet her! As I type she is tickling my insides with her tiny kicks. What joy they bring me! :)