Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bug said

Bug said a new word today. He is in the stage where it seems he's saying a new word every day. He's even said his first sentence ("Whey is Dadday?") already. Couldn't have asked where Mommy was, no, he had to ask about Daddy! ;)

Today he got his fingers pinched in a toy cell phone and was crying. I offered a hug but he didn't want one. I offered a cookie and he grinned huge and bounced up and down and said, "Cooookie!!" ROFL! He's never said cookie before but it came out clear as a bell when he wanted one! Haha!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charging for Junk Mail - Toddler Tales Tuesday

2/? (Sometime early February.) The kids and I were shopping with a friend in Carter's I put Chicklet's (3 yrs, 5 mnths) monkey backpack on her, Buggie (18 months) in the stroller, tied her monkey tail leash to the stroller and let her push him near me while I browsed. I hear a little voice on the other side of the rack asking for help and when I looked I saw only Chicklet, no Bug. I ran around the other side, thinking I heard Buggie's sweet giggle, and following the leash to it's end. He was on the other end of that leash... but seriously only a child of mine could loose an entire stroller with a baby in it in our tiny Carter's outlet! When I get to the end of the leash all I see is the handles of the stroller sticking out of the clothes on the rack!!! She pushed him in there and couldn't back him out. He thought it was HILARIOUS!! I was thinking it wasn't such a good idea after all to let the 3 year old drive the stroller. *sigh*

2/10 I was in the fridge pouring water and Bug tried to be helpful and close the door. On me. After he stops pushing on the fridge door with me in it trying to pour water without spilling, he peeks around with this offended look on his face like, "Would you get outta the way?!"
I happened to glance at Chicklet and she had her mouth hanging open and said to me sympathetically, "Awww Mama! Buggie SQUISHED you! Are you okay?"

2/21 Chicklet brought me some junk mail and said, "I get TWO DOLLARS for this!" I told her she might be overcharging a hair and offered her ONE dollar for it. She agreed. I gave her a dollar, she gave me the junk mail. Then she took the dollar to my husband and smiled at him sugary sweet and said, "Here Daddy! You can have this money!" :-| I think she was buttering him up because it was almost bedtime...

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