Friday, February 12, 2010

A quick update

Hi guys I'm really not feeling well so this is going to be short. Well, short for me.
I haven't taken the nausea meds in a while because they started making me hallucinate (!!) and the other side effects are really rotten anyway. I'm hoping I can just muddle through without meds but if I need something I will be asking for a new kind since this kind is NOT good.
Then day before yesterday there was a scary 8 hours where I was bleeding. It stopped and I'm still super nauseous so that's "good" I guess.
It's hard for me to keep enough water down without the meds so I'm struggling with that. I'm cramping alot today. OW!
I have this long list of things I was supposed to do forever ago and I keep feeling too rotten to care or just plain totally forgetting them. So then I see my list or little reminders and think how depressing it is that I still haven't done that... :p
Annnnd then there's the car thing. Gonna copy and paste this from where I told someone else because I'm too tired to type it all out again:
I currently own a Honda Civic, and obviously 3 carseats aren't going to fit in the back of a Honda Civic, and we can't afford 2 car payments, so I have to get rid of my car so we can get a bigger one. I LOVE my Civic and do NOT want to get rid of it. It has never done me wrong, never broke down, never left me stranded, scared me with funny noises, or mysteriously suffered Car-PMS and refused to start on the first try. It has been the best most reliable car ever- and it was my dream car. When I first got my license I thought, "Someday, I'm going to own a Honda Civic!" Saw The Fast and The Furious and said to myself, "Hey that's the kind of car I want!" When I was preggo with Chicklet and we bought it, it was a dream come true. I was SO HAPPY! We went to a dealership and checked out a crossover last weekend. I actually liked it... and feel like a traitor that I did because my little Civic will have to go so I could have a crossover.
Yesterday my husband took my car to that dealership to let them appraise it for trade in on the crossover. I'm really sad. It didn't stay with them yesterday, we both have to be there to sign the paperwork, which means we will have to go back with it this weekend if we decide to go for it with the crossover. But hubby took the car to be appraised without me because I'd have just sat in the dealership bawling the whole time. I love my Civic. I wish we could keep it. It got high marks for it's appraisal because it's well taken care of and low mileage with a clean CarFax. So that's good... at least they didn't insult my car by trying to say it's not worth as much.
So this weekend, if I can manage to have a less-sick enough day to leave the house, we're likely going to be buying a new car and saying goodbye to my Civic. Very sad for me! I hope I can make it through without crying.
Chicklet is eating an apple. She just held out the seed to show me, then said it was a yummy apple seed and ate it. Then she made a funny yuck-face and coughed. It was kinda funny and made me laugh so I had to share. ;) She eats them every time though, silly. My dad's mom used to eat the seeds too, and I did when I was a kid. Must run in our weird family. :D
Anyway as I was about to say before the appleseed thing... if you remember me in your prayers for the baby to stay healthy despite how sick I am, I'd really appreciate it. And for wisdom to choose the right new-to-us car to buy. Overall things are going prettty well. I'm hoping that I actually get a break when the second trimester comes along. ;) Haven't with my other kids but hoping this is my lucky pregnancy.
Sorry for my absence on here lately. I know you understand what with being so sick all the time there's really just nothing new to blog about even when I have the energy to do so. It'll get better and I'll be back more... soon... I hope. ;)