Friday, April 23, 2010

Need your daily laugh?

You guys have SO gotta see this blogger's post from a couple weeks ago HERE! I laughed so hard and I'm STILL laughing- while trying to hold my breath so as to not wake the whole house up by doing so! LoL!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Young Families

What A Girl (Mom) Needs
I was reading through some blog posts today, new for today ones and earlier ones... you know sometimes you just can't get to them all at once! In fact I usually can't get to them all at once. ;) Parents know that sometimes it's just not happening. The hubby and kiddos are priority #1 and blogs get squeezed into the cracks, those little 2-second lulls. Well hey if we didn't squeeze blogging into the cracks then there would be no such thing as mommy bloggers would there? ;)
Rabbit trail much?

K so back to where I was going with this! ;) The other day I became frustrated with the cold or downright condescending vibes I get from a few of the large family blogs out there. And the feeling of being underprepared and overwhelmed I share with alot of other moms in "young families." By young families I'm not saying the Mama herself is any particular age. What I mean by that term is that the oldest child of the family is still pretty young. A mom could be 45 with 2 or 3 or 6 kids under 6 years old and I would consider that a 'young family' because what I mean by young in that term is that it hasn't been so very many years since the couple decided to "start a family." Make sense? :) I wrote THIS blog post, pretty much begging for some encouragement for us "young families" after those thoughts went a-swirling around in my head for (*lets see, how old are my kids now?*) about 3 1/2 years. Since writing it I've been thinking about even more and since it was so much on my mind today I decided to share a few blog posts I found that relate. :)

First of all, I found THIS post that put into words perfectly just what I was trying to say it is that us "young family" mamas need: encouragement. I know the post is technically about encouraging your hubby, but it goes for anyone I think. Husbands, children, friends, even strangers... Encouragement gives strength to the weak and hope to those in the depths of despair. Encouragement is to people what super premium gas is to cars!

Then I was reading a blog I much enjoy HERE and her post really touched me as being a cry for Biblical mentorship along the same lines as the one I had just posted. I got tears in my eyes when I read it because it's what I feel too. It's what so many young family Mamas feel.

And finally, I am ending on an encouraging note! (Pun intended- yeah I know I'm easily amused.) A dear mom of many has posted a sweet bit of just such encouragement right HERE! Just for us moms of younger littles! If your kids are younger, whether you plan to have more or not, I think this post will be encouraging to you! It was to me and I'm so thankful she posted it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toddler Tales Tuesday - Catching Marshmallows

4/15 My poor Buggie (20 months) has a black eye. *sigh* Last night helpful big sissy took him his sippy cup- he was laying in the crib and she threw it over the edge. Onto his face. I've told her a trillion times to be careful not to drop the sippy on him. The ONE time I forgot to remind her to not drop it on him, she did. My poor boy! I heard the scream and went running in there and saw it literally turn black in seconds right before my eyes as I held and rocked him. Not cute, sweet, or funny. BUT, the next morning...
4/16 Chicklet (3 1/2 years) got a look at her brother's black eye and said, "Awww do ya have an ouch on your face Buggie?"
and he replied nonchalantly, "Yeh. It's a-kay." :)

4/19 Yesterday afternoon out of the blue Chicklet said to me, "That will be twenty-eight billion dollars! That's like... millions and millions of dollars!" I have NO IDEA what she was referring to but I almost fell over laughing.

4/20 This morning my little Chicklet helper helped me with dishes and laundry. ;) She did alot and did it with a smile! She put away the silverware, then she stacked the clean cups and handed them to me to put away, then she put the pot and pan lids in the drawer under the oven. Then she helped me load the dirties in, add soap, and turn it on. After washing the dirty dish germs off our hands we did laundry. I turned the washer on and then sorted while she put the ones I tossed to her in. I held her up to close the lid for me and then we got the clean stuff out of the dryer and carried it to the couch. We thought some hot chocolate was well deserved after 'all that hard work.' ;) She was drinking her hot chocolate when suddenly she gasped and I looked up, concerned maybe she had burned her tongue, but she informed me proudly that she had "caught" a marshmallow on the end of her straw... LOL!

Not too long ago, two cute little tots had somehow climbed into my desk chair behind me, crowding me off. I had about an inch of seat left before I wound up on the floor. Time for a new activity! So we opened the front door to watch the wind blow leftover last year's leaves off the budding trees. After a while the thunder and lightning began and the kids got such a huge kick out of it! Buggie was hanging onto the baby gate I put across the doorway (we don't have a screen door) jumping jumping jumping like he'd had too much sugar. Totally wound up on storm-induced adrenaline. Chicklet was begging me to make the lightning blink again over and over, and I over and over explained to her that God has the on/off switch for the lightning, not Mama! Lol! I don't think she got it, but she sure did enjoy the storm for the hour or so it was going strong. I couldn't believe they stood with me in the doorway watching for so long. They didn't even get scared when I left them for 2 minutes in the doorway while I ran after the neighbor's trash can which was trying to fly like a kite down the street. Chicklet was cheering me on and Bug was jumping up and down clapping as I chased the thing along in my pajamas, getting rained on. I'll bet that was a fun sight for the poor neighbors. I hadn't planned on going outside again that night but didn't think it would be very nice to just let the poor elderly neighbor's trash can escape. *shrug*

If you have a sweet, cute, or funny Toddler (or kid) story, I'd love it if you'd share it! :)
If you would like to post a Toddler Tales Tuesday on your blog, please leave a link to your post in my Linky below, AND post the code for this blog hop in your Toddler Tales Tuesday post! Commenting on at least one of the other linked posts would delight the writer of said post I'm sure! ;) The linky will remain open for 2 weeks following the date of this post in case you want to add a post late.
If you don't have a blog or would prefer it, you may share your toddler tales here in the comments.

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Toddler Tales Tuesday - A Confession

*dirty laundry alert!*
Those who have been with me from the beginning remember when, in September of 2009, I started a meme-wannabe called Toddler Tales Tuesday. I say "wannabe" because I tried for months to get people to participate but nobody ever did. I looked all over to try to find out if anyone else was doing this first before I went ahead and named and started it and after much searching it appeared that I would be the only one doing this. I didn't want to inadvertently appear to be stealing someone else's idea. That would just not be nice at all. I really really wanted it to thrive but it didn't even get noticed, so I took to just posting it myself and hoping that someday my blog would have some followers who wanted to join me. Well when I got pregnant, with the morning sickness being so bad, the Toddler Tales Tuesdays became a bit less official (as in some were dual duty, some I forgot to label that they were toddler tales tuesday posts and they have now been misplaced, etc.) and farther between. More recently I have been feeling a bit better and have been squeezing dual duty toddler tales posts in a tiny bit more often again in the hopes that someday people will want to participate. My philosophy was that if I keep doing it, it's a good idea and someday people will discover it and it will take off.

Well it has just come to my attention that a well known giveaway blogger started doing this same thing, under the same name minus 1 word, on the same weekday, with a very similar purpose originally stated. She started hers in March of this year... a full 6 months after I started my Toddler Tales Tuesday. In her first one, she said it was going to be to share "activities and moments that we have with our toddlers," which is aggrivatingly similar to the purpose of my Toddler Tales Tuesday, the purpose of which is to share things our kids have said and done that are cute, sweet, or funny. When I saw that, I felt... well I felt cheated. Being a well known blogger with like a million times more readers than I have, I was sure hers would take off and then, worst of all, I might become the assumed copycat since nobody ever really participated in mine but me. That would really hurt. Really. To be accused of copycatting an idea that I thought of 6 months before the one I supposedly copied began. So as you can see, I was understandably concerned. I wondered if I should quit my Toddler Tales Tuesday, melt into the shadows of linkydom and lick my wounds and pout. Yes pout. I think if it weren't for all the preggo hormones in my body I may not have taken this *quite* so harshly... If I weren't preggo I'd have thought of all the same things and still been upset, but I might not have actually cried about it. Yes, I did cry. And I fully intend to blame the crying and pouting parts on the preggo hormones. I mean really what good are baby-induced-mood-swings if you can't blame things on them once in a while? ;)
So back to the serious topic at hand... I really don't think this blogger had any idea that I was already doing something so similar. I don't think she'd purposely try to steal an idea out from under someone. I don't know know her but she seems like a nice enough woman. Since the start of her meme, she has posted activity ideas for preschoolers each week. That's pretty much it. If that's all it's going to be, it isn't like mine and I was worried for nothing. But her description this week says it's for sharing "fun toddler related activities, memories, and whatever else toddler related you would like to share." which once again plants it firmly in uncomfortable territory for me. :-/
So here is my confession. I'm having a really hard time with this. I'm going round and round in my head, one minute feeling cheated and indignant, the next feeling sorry for myself because I've been trying to get this going for 6 months and it's not budging and wondering if maybe I just don't get to keep this fun little idea of mine no matter how hard I try. My hubby would shrug like it's nothing and nonchalantly tell me to just let it go and forget it- then he would promptly forget it by the time I got my next sentence out. Lol! Well hey that sure sounds great but I'm an emotional hormonal pregnant woman and my upset doesn't have a magical "off" button! I sometimes envy him that he seems to have that magical off button. I feel bad and kind of sick about my idea not only failing but that it's now someone else's idea and it's working for them. It's like kicking someone while they are down or rubbing salt in a wound to not only fail but to have someone else take up the torch and do better at inspiring participation by their second post than I have in my whole 6 months combined. So I'm not sure whether to just concede defeat and leave mine in the dust, or to keep plugging along in my failure, waiting for the inevitable day when I get accused of copycatting the meme that began 6 months after mine. Hmmm... Not sure. It just keeps going round and round in my head and I feel bad, then I feel bad for feeling bad about it, then I stop feeling guilty for feeling bad about it and just feel bad, then I feel guilty again for feeling bad...

So hey I have no idea what the real point of this post was. I think just to kind of vent and get those yucky feelings off my chest. (I'll tell ya what it was NOT so that you can tell me how childish I'm being and make even more yucky feelings well up inside me, thanks! So if there's anyone passing by and reading this who has the inclination to do so, please, just don't. I know I'm not handling this in a good way- didn't I say so several times in several ways already? Good so now that we have that established...) Like I said I am pretty sure the other blogger has no idea I exist, let alone that I host the same meme. So I'm not blaming her or anything. Just venting. Because if I let those yucky feelings swirl around inside for too long I'll start getting really short with hubby and the kids and that wouldn't be appreciated. So here is me, letting them OUT. Goodbye rotten feelings! Good riddance! ;)