Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toddler Tales Tuesday - Catching Marshmallows

4/15 My poor Buggie (20 months) has a black eye. *sigh* Last night helpful big sissy took him his sippy cup- he was laying in the crib and she threw it over the edge. Onto his face. I've told her a trillion times to be careful not to drop the sippy on him. The ONE time I forgot to remind her to not drop it on him, she did. My poor boy! I heard the scream and went running in there and saw it literally turn black in seconds right before my eyes as I held and rocked him. Not cute, sweet, or funny. BUT, the next morning...
4/16 Chicklet (3 1/2 years) got a look at her brother's black eye and said, "Awww do ya have an ouch on your face Buggie?"
and he replied nonchalantly, "Yeh. It's a-kay." :)

4/19 Yesterday afternoon out of the blue Chicklet said to me, "That will be twenty-eight billion dollars! That's like... millions and millions of dollars!" I have NO IDEA what she was referring to but I almost fell over laughing.

4/20 This morning my little Chicklet helper helped me with dishes and laundry. ;) She did alot and did it with a smile! She put away the silverware, then she stacked the clean cups and handed them to me to put away, then she put the pot and pan lids in the drawer under the oven. Then she helped me load the dirties in, add soap, and turn it on. After washing the dirty dish germs off our hands we did laundry. I turned the washer on and then sorted while she put the ones I tossed to her in. I held her up to close the lid for me and then we got the clean stuff out of the dryer and carried it to the couch. We thought some hot chocolate was well deserved after 'all that hard work.' ;) She was drinking her hot chocolate when suddenly she gasped and I looked up, concerned maybe she had burned her tongue, but she informed me proudly that she had "caught" a marshmallow on the end of her straw... LOL!

Not too long ago, two cute little tots had somehow climbed into my desk chair behind me, crowding me off. I had about an inch of seat left before I wound up on the floor. Time for a new activity! So we opened the front door to watch the wind blow leftover last year's leaves off the budding trees. After a while the thunder and lightning began and the kids got such a huge kick out of it! Buggie was hanging onto the baby gate I put across the doorway (we don't have a screen door) jumping jumping jumping like he'd had too much sugar. Totally wound up on storm-induced adrenaline. Chicklet was begging me to make the lightning blink again over and over, and I over and over explained to her that God has the on/off switch for the lightning, not Mama! Lol! I don't think she got it, but she sure did enjoy the storm for the hour or so it was going strong. I couldn't believe they stood with me in the doorway watching for so long. They didn't even get scared when I left them for 2 minutes in the doorway while I ran after the neighbor's trash can which was trying to fly like a kite down the street. Chicklet was cheering me on and Bug was jumping up and down clapping as I chased the thing along in my pajamas, getting rained on. I'll bet that was a fun sight for the poor neighbors. I hadn't planned on going outside again that night but didn't think it would be very nice to just let the poor elderly neighbor's trash can escape. *shrug*

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  1. I love this meme! I have an infant who is funny, but not a toddler. Maybe I'll just read along.

  2. Penelope I'd LOVE it if you'd link up your funny baby tales too! :)


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