Thursday, April 22, 2010

Young Families

What A Girl (Mom) Needs
I was reading through some blog posts today, new for today ones and earlier ones... you know sometimes you just can't get to them all at once! In fact I usually can't get to them all at once. ;) Parents know that sometimes it's just not happening. The hubby and kiddos are priority #1 and blogs get squeezed into the cracks, those little 2-second lulls. Well hey if we didn't squeeze blogging into the cracks then there would be no such thing as mommy bloggers would there? ;)
Rabbit trail much?

K so back to where I was going with this! ;) The other day I became frustrated with the cold or downright condescending vibes I get from a few of the large family blogs out there. And the feeling of being underprepared and overwhelmed I share with alot of other moms in "young families." By young families I'm not saying the Mama herself is any particular age. What I mean by that term is that the oldest child of the family is still pretty young. A mom could be 45 with 2 or 3 or 6 kids under 6 years old and I would consider that a 'young family' because what I mean by young in that term is that it hasn't been so very many years since the couple decided to "start a family." Make sense? :) I wrote THIS blog post, pretty much begging for some encouragement for us "young families" after those thoughts went a-swirling around in my head for (*lets see, how old are my kids now?*) about 3 1/2 years. Since writing it I've been thinking about even more and since it was so much on my mind today I decided to share a few blog posts I found that relate. :)

First of all, I found THIS post that put into words perfectly just what I was trying to say it is that us "young family" mamas need: encouragement. I know the post is technically about encouraging your hubby, but it goes for anyone I think. Husbands, children, friends, even strangers... Encouragement gives strength to the weak and hope to those in the depths of despair. Encouragement is to people what super premium gas is to cars!

Then I was reading a blog I much enjoy HERE and her post really touched me as being a cry for Biblical mentorship along the same lines as the one I had just posted. I got tears in my eyes when I read it because it's what I feel too. It's what so many young family Mamas feel.

And finally, I am ending on an encouraging note! (Pun intended- yeah I know I'm easily amused.) A dear mom of many has posted a sweet bit of just such encouragement right HERE! Just for us moms of younger littles! If your kids are younger, whether you plan to have more or not, I think this post will be encouraging to you! It was to me and I'm so thankful she posted it.


  1. Thank you ,thank you , thank you. Those post were wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Lately, I have been really needing some encouragement and when you do not have many people around you anywhere that believe the same way you do then it is very very hard. Thanks Jess.

  2. I'm so glad the links were what you needed right now Tiffany! **HUGS**


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