Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Toddler Tales Tuesday: E.T. Phone Home

Friday, September 4th:
Chicklet (almost 3) was changing her Carter's doll's diaper. She comes running over to my box of kleenex and grabs one and runs off with it. I look over and she's wiping her dolly's bum with it! Lol!
We named the dolly "Jane" but she can't say Jane for some reason and keeps pronouncing the N as an M so she's forever running around calling it "baby Jaym!" I correct her and she does say it right for a while, but then every morning and after quiet time she starts calling it Jaym again.
Later, she comes running over and gets another kleenex and tells me, "I hava boogie" and proceeds to wipe her nose on it. Then she reaches up and starts wiping my face with her used kleenex telling me, "You needa washa face! Washa face, washa face..." Eeew!
She has been particluarly needy today for some reason (hey could it be LACK OF SLEEP?!?!?!) and has had me draw her literally two dozen pictures to color. Well I am getting a bit tired of drawing the same picture over and over so I gave her a sucker, a special treat, and told her to go sit down and eat it. I immediately hear CRUNCH! I tell her, "Sweetie you're supposed to count how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie in the middle silly, dont bite it!" (Especially when it's a bribe to get you to stop asking me to draw pictures for a few minutes! Oh wait, did I just type that out loud?) No more than one minute later I see her run to the trash with the empty stick. Then she runs up to me and starts tugging on my skirt and arm with her sticky fingers. I said, "Lets go wash your hands and face! You're sticky!" To which she replied, "Yep! I'm a stick!" Ummmmmm...

Saturday, September 5th:
Chicklet asked Daddy for some "Juice please!"
Daddy- "Oh sweetie I don't think we have any juice! How about milk?"
Chicklet- "Juice please!"
Daddy- "Oh sweetie I really don't think there is any left, how about some nice milk?"
Chicklet- (With puppydog eyes) "Ohhhh! Juice..." (sadly)
Daddy- "I'll look but I don't think there is any..."
(goes and looks in fridge) "I'm sorry sweetie there's only milk."
Chicklet- (sadly, wistfully) "Oh juice!"
Daddy- "Okay sweetie I'll think of something..."
(Puts some water in a sippy cup, adds a dash of lemon juice and spoonful of sugar and mixes) "Here you go sweetie!"
Chicklet- (takes a sip, pauses) "What is it?"
Daddy- (looks insulted) "It's lemonade!"
Chicklet- (appeased and happily) "Oh! Yummy lemonade!" (Walks off drinking it)

Sometime last week:
It's been forever since Chicklet watched Superwhy... and I could count on one hand the number of times she's seen it. But apparently that was enough. The other day she took off with my highlighter and then stopped in front of me, held it up in the air and said, "Whylighter write!" Hahaha! I held out my hand and replied, "I think it's 'Whywriter, highlight!' but that's a Momwriter so you'd better give it back to Supermom."

Monday, September 7th:
Chicklet is currently supposed to be napping but I hear a song drifting out to my ears, "Lalala... Super readers... la la la ... super story answer la la SuperWhy... super readers... la la..."

Sometime Last Week:
I was changing Bug's(age 12 months) diaper and he was pointing at me asking, "Tsis?" Which for those who don't know, is 'What's this?' in BuggieBabble. Then he started fussing but his finger was still pointing. I turned to him and pointed my finger and touched the end of my finger to the end of his as he watched, enthralled. As the tips of our fingers were touching, I leaned in real close and said, "ET phone home!" and he had a fit of hysterical giggles. So now every time I change his diaper he holds out his finger with a grin, waiting for me to touch mine to it and do ET impressions. After which he laughs like it's the funniest thing in the whole world!

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  1. My cute toddler moment for the week is: Gabby and I were brushing our teeth and when we were done I said "Good Job Baby bop!" With the most serious scrunched up face she says "I'm not baby Mommy!"


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