Monday, September 7, 2009

Mommy Moments

Well sadly, after my first and only 2 "Not Me Monday's," I read somewhere that MckMama has announced that she's moving on to the next chapter in her life and Not Me Monday will not be happening anymore. Bummer! So instead I will be blogging about Mommy Moments on Mondays. ;) I figured I have lots of those and should be able to come up with something of the sort to write at least most Mondays, right? ;) I consider a Mommy Moment to be anything that speaks of what IS Motherhood. The good and the bad. The tough moments, sweet moments, bonding moments, oops moments, ah-ha moments, silly moments...

Sweet: Lately I have been dancing with the kids. I turn on the playlist I have on here and take turns with them, picking them up and twirling them around the house. They both adore it! Thier little eyes like up, heads tip back with laughter, and they beg for more. We wind up laughing like maniacs on the floor gasping for air and I love every precious minute of it!

Mommy-Brain: Some time last week, the exact day I do not remember, I had a Mommy-brain attack. I went to get Bug a bottle for nap and as I'm pouring it I snapped out of my tired daze to realize I was just beginning to fill his bottle with lemonade instead of milk. Hmmm... Yeah that would have gone over like a lead balloon!

Sweet: Yesterday I sewed myself a new skirt (more on that to come and a pic too) and had more cotton calico than I expected leftover. So I sewed Chicklet a matching skirt and I honestly was totally surprised at how delighted she was! I had no idea how much it would mean to her. She was watching me sew and when I cut the thread and held it up to her she clasped her hands together with a big grin, eyes squeezed almost shut with excitement, and did a happy stomp dance while giggling. I helped her put it on and she ran around the kitchen like a nut for a moment before grabbing my hand and pulling me into the living room to "show Daddy." She ran to him and jumped around in front of him giggling, "Lookit skirt!" Then she climbed up onto the couch saying to me, " Mama sit!" - she wanted me to sit beside her so she could enjoy how our skirts match when we're sitting as well as standing. She patted both skirts at the same time and then bounced to Daddy again. I got up and said, "Hey lets spin around in our new skirts! I'll bet they look pretty spinning!" And proceeded to spin around until I got dizzy as she joined in, giggling all the while. We collapsed onto the couch dizzy and laughing. And I thought to myself what a blessing it is to have a daughter! :)


  1. That is so sweet how your daughter loves her skirt!

  2. Yeah it almost made me cry to see how much she loves it! It's so sweet!


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