Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bug's Birthday Party

Baby's first birthday party went wonderful! The kids had a blast and the adults seemed to enjoy themselves too. Buggie made out like a bandit... I had said he doesn't need anything but everyone brought gifts anyway because they're sweeties. :) He got such nifty little toys! He was being a crab though during pizza. I moved his pizza plate because it was about to fall off the edge of the table and that went over like a lead ballon. Heaven forbid the plate of precious pizza (his first pizza ever btw) be moved! Yikes! I had tried so hard to schedule it right between his naps so he'd be in a good mood but he didn't sleep so well for 1st nap... And we mommies all know what happens when kids don't get enough sleep. It's almost as bad as ME when I don't enough sleep. Just ask my husband... ;)

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