Friday, February 5, 2010

Good morning...

I'm a natural Night-Owl. I do't know about you, but I do my best thinking after dark! I'm getting to be less of a night-owl out of necessity (or merely pure survival) from having kids. Moms know if you don't sleep when they sleep... you don't sleep period. Well, I just so happened tonight to get *ahem* distracted on the internet. When the house is quiet and I'm browsing all sorts of new fun crafty sites or reading blogs... well, the time sometimes (read: frequently) just gets away from me.
So long about 1:30am I glance at the clock and do that, "Oh crud!" thing where you ponder the laws of the universe and mentally curse the one that disallows rewinding time so you can go back to, oh, say 8:30pm again, and get a good nights sleep to deal with all the Mom-ing you'll be doing when the sun comes up. Since I could of course not rewind time as I so desperately wished, I took my thimble-sized pregnant bladder to do it's business and crawled into bed to stick my cold feet on hubby's legs. (Something I'm sure he appreciates ever so much. But he's such a good egg, he never complains about it.)
After laying there for a grand total of 3 minuites I begin to feel the congestion coming on. You know what I mean. When you're preggo it seems like every allergy you ever thought about comes out to play for 9 months solid. You can go all day only blowing your stuffy nose 12 times and then the second you lay down you're suddenly magically so full of ick you can't breathe and feel like you are choking. Which is precisely what happened to me. And now, even blowing my nose 12 times a minute cannot seem to tame the clogged-up ick in myh lungs. After nearly choking three times, gagging, and deciding I'd rather get back up than choke to death or throw up, I decided to make a cup of tea! Or rather a whole pot of tea! But instead of digging out the teapot or filling the coffee maker, I decided to use an open pot so I could breathe the steam while my water boiled and the tea steeped. So I made my tea, enjoying the minty delicious smelling steam and hoping it would help my ick problem.
While the tea steeped, I sat back down at the computer with the pot steaming in front of me, to keep busy until it was drinkable. Suddenly I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and a really BIG spider was inches from my elbow, rapelling down the wall. I was scrambling to switch hands with my tea, grab a tissue, and smoosh the little big bugger before it escaped. I managed to spill some hot tea on my chest but the arachnid vanished behind the computer tower. *sigh* I am reminded of the time I had one run up the mousepad onto the mouse, on my hand, and run out to the end of my thumb faster than you could blink. It was a big as the end of my thumb and to see it sitting there just chilling out was rather disconcerting. I'm not an arachniphobe but I draw the line at having them use my thumb as an easy chair. Particularly when I can't tell if it's a harmless wolf spider or a highly poisonous hobo.
But anyway, back to my pot of tea. Now, usually Sleepytime Tea is one of my absolute favorites! It's relaxing, it's delicious, it smells heavenly... Except that the dishwasher must not have cleaned that pot out so well. My delicious tea tasted just like... boiled dirty sock water. Not that I've ever tasted boiled socks but it tasted like what I would imagine dirty sock water would taste like. Oh well, I wasn't really in the mood for tea anyway.
So now I'm off to bed, hoping the sock tea steam unclogged my breathing tubes enough to get to sleep. Now that it's 3:00am... The kids will be waking up in precisely 4.3 hours so I'd better get in there and take all the sleep I can get. I think a Mama-nap will definately be in the schedule tomorrow today.


  1. Good morning. I'm sure you are feeling all bright and sunshiny after all your adventures last night. I nearly choked on my cereal from laughing while reading this.

    I love the imagery of the spider using your thumb for an armchair!

    Yes, I think a nap would definitely be in the schedule for today if it were me. I hope you get a very refreshing one.

  2. I Love tea! It really helps me when my sinuses are clogged up! I think it is those warm vapors. My favorite is chai tea though. My husband got me hooked on it! I hope you were able to get some sleep!

  3. I love to drink nice warm tea in the morning or when ever I am freezing. I know what you mean about being a night owl, but we do need out beauty sleep and I know that your kiddos keep you on your feel all day. HUGS!!! Try to get some rest while the kiddos do. :)

  4. I really have been on a tea kick lately. I've been drinking raspberry tea and it is soooo good. I hope you were able to get a nap today -- you definitely deserved it :)

  5. I'm sure after the spider dropped down the wall, you were unable to sleep for even longer. Sorry your tea was horrible, but it made for an interesting post.

    You won a sippy secure strap on my blog! I have e-mailed you but thought I'd also let you know I like your blog - it is refreshingly honest with a perfect mix of fun and sincere. I'll be praying that your morning sickness goes away..hope you are feeling better.

  6. God has greatly gifted you
    I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless

  7. I hope you are feeling better. Never been preggo but recently had the flu so i totally understand the stuffy nose and yuck.

    And gosh for the spider bit! I would have freaked! Once had a lizard fall splat on my cheek. I felt like i had been slapped! That hard! Never again

  8. Ah i love tea. I hope i never have to taste dirty sock tea though. Your spidey bit is really funny but how you could stay so calm is amazing. I could never have done that!

    Take care.


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