Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"I Licked It!" - Toddler Tales Tuesday

5/19 Bug (1 yr. 9 mnths.) was napping in the kids' room, and Chicklet (3 yrs. 8 mnths.) was in time out in my bed. She was cranky and tired so I decided she would nap with me and was refilling my water bottle while she waited in bed. When I got to bed and lay down, that mean old heartburn set in and I started feeling around on the windowsill above my head. I always keep 1 or 2 Tums up there for when I am awake due to heartburn. I found the purple berry flavored one that was left by it's lonesome from the night before and popped it into my mouth, snuggling down into my pillow. Chicklet snuggled up to my back and giggled. Then she giggled again. I said, "What's funny? You're supposed to be sleeping." She giggled again, very quietly, and then said in a quiet, mischeivous voice, "I licked it."
I stopped sucking my antacid, and began to get an uneasy feeling that I knew precisely where this was going.
"What did you lick?"
Chicklet, giggling again, whispered, "I licked it!"
Me, "WHAT did you lick?"
Chicklet, in that low mischeivous, secret-voice, "Mommy's purple on the window."
Me, "You licked Mommy's purple Tums?!"
Chicklet giggled again and I felt her nod against my back as she whispered again, "I licked it!"

5/20 I was trying to take a nap. Bug was napping in the kids' room. Chicklet was coloring in the corner of my bedroom as is our usual arrangement. She colors until she gets bored and then climbs into bed with me. She winds up either squirming/talking too much until I give up and we go start dinner, or falling asleep if she's actually tired. I vaguely remember her climbing into bed with me after a while, taking one of the pillows to the foot of the bed, and telling me she was sleeping "upside down." Shortly, I awoke again to a very tickley sensation on my foot, when I curled it up in protest, I heard a little giggle, followed by the tickley sensation on my other foot. After I was awake enough to be coherent, I realized the tickling was Chicklet's breath as she was sniffing my feet like a dog.

5/31 Daddy took Miss Chicklet fishing for the first time and I was home with my little Bug-man. I was checking my facebook. I should know better by now than to try to do anything on the computer when either of the tots are awake. They always need something when I'm right in the middle of typing out a train of thought. So Bug went in the kitchen and came back promptly with a can of ravioli from the pantry cabinet. Whoops! Guess I forgot to put the lock back on that door. He was SO proud of himself though that I praised him for being helpful and was rewarded by one of his showstopping grins. I turn into a puddle of mush when he flashes me that grin. He's such a sweet boy with so much joy in his sparkling eyes! Well I tried to finish the sentence I was typing in response to a friend's status so I could get up and figure out dinner, and I hadn't even gotten 5 more words down when here comes Bug, proudly carrying 2 bags of lentils. He handed me one, and tried to bite into the other. I thanked him for the lentils and told him they need opened and cooked before we bite them. Lol! He smiled and raced back to the kitchen again. I started pecking out the rest of my sentence with the hand that wasn't now holding ravioli and lentils as fast as I could but not fast enough! Here comes my little helper with 3 cans of tuna! Each time he would bring me something with a proud smile, the sparkle in his eye in anticipation of my praise, I would thank him and he would give me his amazing smile and then race off to the pantry again as I tried to peck out the rest of my ill-fated comment! I wound up with 2 bags of lentils, 3 cans of tuna, a jug of olive oil, a can of ravioli, a "family sized" can of chicken noodle soup, a can of sardines, and a can of vienna sausages. And each time I thanked my tiny man for his helpfulness and was rewarded with his amazing smile! I love this age! Both of my kids have been such amazing little rays of sunshine at this age! Not that Chicklet still isn't a ray of sunshine, she is amazing as she comes out of the trying toddler age and becomes a sweet and helpful little girl!

Later that night Chicklet made us Mac & Cheese for dinner. I put some water on to boil and when it was bubbling, Chicklet poured in the noodles. After they were done I drained it for her and then put her up on a stool to stir while I dropped in the remaining ingredients. She did very good at mixing the meal together and it was so cute how proud of herself she was for cooking us all dinner. ;) She didn't spill noodles out of the pot but she got it all mixed together nicely. I was proud of her! She even wanted to help me unload the dishwasher while we waited for the noodles to cook! She was so excited to tell her Daddy who made dinner tonight. :) Meanwhile the Bugster knelt on the couch with his head on the back of it, watching us work, looking like he might drop off to sleep at any second. Poor sleepy baby! Bringing me half the contents of the pantry must have been exhausting! ;)

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  1. what cute stories you have with your babies. i need to write mine down more often or mements likes these will fade away. :)

  2. Hey! THanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the fish oil post. YES, it is totally safe for pregnancy- BUT make sure you do your homework- some of them do have mercury traces in them. I KNOW that Herbalife doesn't have any mercury in them, but I'm not sure of the Sam's Club stuff.

  3. What a series of fun stories. My son likes to pretend he is different animals too.

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping by! All the comments made my day!


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