Thursday, June 10, 2010

~Coupons~ Weekly Question!

Just because your blog isn't as well-known as some million-follower blogs out there doesn't mean you don't have good ideas and good advice! And I want to hear it. It's Weekly Question day! ;) There are 2 ways to participate.
1) Answer in the comments! Just comment on this post with your answer. Simple. Easy.
2) Participate in the Blog Hop! Blog a post that answers this week's question and then click "get the code!" to add the SAME Linky list to the bottom of your blog post. When you're done, add your own link to the Linky list and it will show up on ALL the participating Linky lists. That way if someone enjoys the topic being discussed, they can "hop" from blog to blog using the linky list and might decide to follow some blogs they didn't follow before. Blog hops are a good way to get "discovered" by new readers!
-You may answer or link any time within the week following the question post- for as long as the Linky is still open you may still add posts/answers. If you have an old post/posts that answers the question and you would like to link those up that's fine, but please come back for a future question Thursday with a fresh post, to be fair. ;)

~Question Thursday!~
Topic: Coupons
Do you clip coupons? Avoid them like the plague? Why do or don't you do coupons? If you're a couponer, how into it are you? Any tricks of the trade you'd like to share? Tell us all about how you do or don't do Coupons and link up below!

(*Next Week's Topic: Children's Books! What was your childhood faviorite? Current favorite? Kids' favorite?*)


  1. I use coupons all the time. Almost every day I look for coupons I could use online. On the weekend the guy I take care of gives me his coupons from his newspaper. I cut out any that I know I will use. My favorite products to use them for are diapers and other kid items. I also use them to try new foods if I see one for something I think we might like.

  2. Thanks for sharing! :) It's great the guy you take care of gives you his! How neat!


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