Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My newest crochet project- Can I do it?

I confess, I have taken on yet another crochet project! It's a good one though I promise! ;) Those of you who have known me very long know I tend to take on too many projects at once. Right now I'm due in 12 days, having regular contractions for at least a couple hours a day daily since the full moon, and working on TWO baby blankets. Yes two. You see, I never finished Buggie's baby blankie before he was born. I got a little carried away and made it a wee bit big when I started and it was only about 1/3 of the way finished when he was born. Now, he DID get to use it in a way. You see, I'd wrap him in the finished end while I crocheted on the other end when he was a little bitty fellow! Lol! So he did get snuggled it alot as a newborn, but when he got too told to hold still while I crocheted the blanket got shelved. And by the time he was old enough to not need me hovering over him trying to counteract his deadly sense of adventure every blessed moment, well by then I was good and pregnant with this little bun in the oven. So now, not only do I have to finish THIS baby's blankie, which is currently about halfway or almost, BUT I also have to finish Buggie's baby blanket. I am very thankful now after the fact that I got carried away with my starting chain because now it will come out toddler sized so when I DO finish it, it can move to the toddler bed with him and he'll get lots of use out of it. Provided I DO actually ever finish it... Been working on it for over 2 years now, since we saw the hotdog on the ultrasound! So those are my two current and pressing projects and I REALLY need to get the new baby's blankie done before she's born because this time I did NOT get carried away on the size and it would fit her best as a baby and not a toddler! LOL!
So I've been trying to be so good and concentrate only on those two blankies and not add any other projects. But then I saw this:
Knit and Crochet for Romania's Orphans

Okay I bit. :) I clicked (and you should too if you want more info!) I signed up! You have to admit it's a great cause and I really want to help! I'm probably yet again biting off more than I can chew but I just couldn't NOT give it a try.
So here's the million dollar question; Can I finish 2 baby blankies before I give birth (remember I'm due in 12 days) and then how many hats can I make by October 15th with a newborn in my lap? ;)
If you want more info, click the button in this post. If you decide to join in I wouldn't mind if you mentioned that you found it through me. ;) And if you're not into the yarn arts or crafting for charities, perhaps you could just cheer me on, and/or pray for the project and the orphans? :)

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  1. Dear Mirage, thanks for posting about this project! I really appreciate you writing about it. :-) I know you will get a blessing by striving to bless others!

    I spoke with one of the orphanage's representatives and they said that they need hats of all sizes from 0-18. So if you want to make just toddler hats or teen-size hats, that would be appreciated! I'm not sure on the gender ratio...but you can make either "boy" hats or "girl" hats and even "neutral" hats. All could be appreciated!

    I'm praying that you will have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. :-) Looking forward to baby pictures too. :-D

    Blessings, dear!


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