Monday, April 2, 2012


A sweet friend gave me that poem framed for my kids' bedroom wall. I hung it over the rocker where I would read it and rock my sweet babies to sleep. I'm in a very thankful stage of life right now. I have 4 beautiful children, the youngest of whom is 3 months old and just pure joy all the time! I spend late nights rocking her and praising God for the wonderful family He's blessed me with. Some seasons in life make it hard to be content, thankful, hard to praise. Right now, though I have 4 kids 5 and under, 3 of whom are 3 and under, 2 of whom are one and under, I've never been so happy. Somehow this is a season of thankfulness and I'm thankful for that too!


  1. Ahh, I very much enjoyed this post today. It made me smile and kiss my babies. Thanks!

  2. Been catching up on your blog, I am sorry things have been so hard. Your children are so beautiful, and growing fast. Enjoy each moment!

  3. I love this poem! I had never heard the whole thing, though and it brought tears to my eyes. We can so easily forget the truth of those words!
    I just noticed that you followed my blog :) I am not always that great about posting daily but I want to!
    Missing you on BL at MOMYS.


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