Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Countdown... 37 days

Here it is 37 days to my due date and I'm feeling it for sure! Why is the end of a pregnancy such a hard time? Physically yes, but emotionally and psychologically too. Almost down to the last 5 weeks now and my feet have begun to swell a bit in the evenings. I'm tired all the time. I cannot breathe and bend over at the same time. :-) In fact, bending over at all is pretty much out of the question anymore. This precious baby is strong and fiesty. She feels small in size, but yet tall to me. Her siblings already adore her and are eagerly counting down the days until her due date. I know most babies don't arrive on their due date but I've had 3 out of 4 so far arrive within days of their EDD (including #4 who was born ON her EDD)so it's as good a guess as any, I'd say.
I'm excited and nervous. Would you believe a 5th time mom still has the fears of not being a good enough mom? :-) I wonder how another child will change the family dynamic, and, being a person who likes to plan things out, I wish I knew how to prepare for this unknown dynamic change. I can only let it rest with Jesus and be thankful not only for this precious gift of an already loved baby, but also that my Lord knows the future and will give me what I need when I need it.

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  1. Read your post and realized my husband's current struggle is because he too is at the end of his "pregnancy". I need to be patient. EDD is close! :) Hang in there... birth day will be rewarding. :)

    I got 4 children too: 3 girls and one boy...even the order of our children is the same. :)


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