Monday, November 16, 2009

Buggie is sick.

Well Bug is sick. He sounds kinda squeaky-voiced and has a runny nose. Keeps breathing funny and crying. My poor little fellow! I'm thankful that nobody else is sick. So if I'm scarce this week it's because I'm taking care of my sick baby boy.

Thank you for your prayers! He's doing much better. Wouldn't even know he was sick! I thought Chicklet was getting sick for like 3 seconds but she's always had an amazing immune system and fights off germs nearly instantly. Like she will have a full blown cold and then take a nap and wake up fine. Took a little longer than that for Bug but pretty much the next day he was sniffle-free and now he's not crabby anymore and has no sick symptoms. I woke up this morning with a sore throat though. Thanks kids. I have one of those immune systems that is a joke and doesn't work. If someone sneezes in my direction from 100 yards away outside I'm sick instantly.


  1. i hope he is better soon and that nobody else falls sick. hugs and prayers.


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