Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Giveaways!

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Awesome giveaways I have found! Check back frequently as I will be removing the ones that are over and adding new giveaway links almost daily! [Click the end date button to go to each giveaway directly.] Green NEW! - added during my previous log-on, Blue NEW! - added during my most recent log-on.

•• Take Time To Smell The Rose is giving away a Thirsties brand cloth diaper prewash and cloth diaper detergent set! ENDS DEC. 31st!
•• Need a homeschooling planner? At The Fence is giving away a The Old Schoolhouse e-book homeschool planner! You have got to go check it out to believe how much good stuff is included! It sounds amazing! ENDS JAN. 4th!
•• Minnesota Mama's Must Haves is giving away a tea set from Green Toys! I love that their toys are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs... seriously how cool is that?! ENDS JAN. 9th!
•• Me And My Boys is giving away a wooden toy from ImagiPLAY! ENDS JAN. 13th!
•• Familylicious Reviews is giving away a pair of My Dwink Box juice box holders! ENDS JAN. 17th!


••Other blogs' Linky lists of giveaways:
- Ice Fairy's Treasure Chest (Ongoing)
-(Sunday) Take Time To Smell The Rose and A Giveaway Everyday
-(Tuesday) Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House
-(Thursday) Piece of ME and I Thode You So



Your turn! :) MckLinky up! You can still link your giveaways even if I have already highlighted them above. ;)
In the space that says Link Title, remember to include 3 things: YourBlogName - Giveaway Title [End date]. Does not have to be in that exact order but I do need all three in some order or another please. Link to the giveaway post specifically, not just to your blog in general.
PLEASE make sure you follow these easy instructions so it is easy for me to maintain and easy for people to view and use. Alot of people have not been doing this and it makes maintaining the list much harder and more time consuming for me. This is not an unreasonable request in the least: most giveaway linkups require this same fromat. You can use proper format and copy and paste it the same (proper) way to all the linkys you use. If this gets too hard for me to maintain due to people not doing this as I have asked, I will stop fixing them and have to instead delete any that I don't have the time to fix. So you see why it's not only courtesy but is also important to use the BlogName-GiveawayName[EndDate] format. (In any order. You can do End Date - Blog name - Giveaway or Giveaway - End date - Blog name or whatever as long as they are all in there.)
ALSO please note: I will immediately delete any entries that are innapropriate and further links from that blog will be flagged. A good way to look at it is if you wouldn't want your 13 year old daughter to have one or read the review in your words then DON'T LINK IT HERE. This is supposed to be a family friendly blog and when I've got people posting giveaways for ...um... 'romantic props' or something it is extremely embarrassing and upsetting to find that on my blog where my friends' innocent children could see it.
Your link WILL BE DELETED IF it links to a post that:
**Contains profanity, nudity, or inappropriate inuendo.
**Does not contain a blog giveaway.
**Endorses abortion, divorce, adultery, or things that are anti-God, anti-moral absolutes, anti-ten commandments, etc.
**Endorses a product/company that endorses abortion, divorce, adultery, or things that are anti-God, anti-moral absolutes, anti-ten commandments, etc.
**Is not appropriate for an innocent child to view.
This is what I believe in, and to allow links on my blog that go against that is something that I cannot do in good concience.

Entries will stay on the list until they expire (until the giveaway ends) or until the end of the month.
I will try to delete expired giveaways daily to keep this list fresh and easy to view.
I will create a new list each month. This MckLinky list will run Dec. 1st-31st. Check back Jan. 1st for a new list. Feel free to re-add giveaways that are still going on to the new months list - providing they fall within the above guidelines of course.


  1. Is the McLinky list really closed? I was going to link my new giveaway that started today:(

  2. No, sorry, it's not closed. I was messing with it and must have clicked the wrong thing. I fixed it. Sorry about that! ;)


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