Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Toddler Tales Tuesday

Chicklet (3 years, 2.5 months old) caught me checking my virtual fishtank on facebook. She points to the fish and says, "Oh angelfish! It's a Mommy angelfish and a Daddy angelfish and a Buggie angelfish and a Chicklet angelfish!"

Chicklet brought me a box of paints off the kitchen island and says, handing them to me, "That will be one dollar!"

I fed Chicklet and Bug (1 1/4 years old) each a fried egg. Bug doesn't usually eat much so I gave Chicklet a second egg, but not Bug. Well Bug finished his egg and scooted closer to big sissy. Chicklet fed him a bite, then herself, them Bug, alternating back and forth, sharing until the egg was gone. I was so proud of her!

Before heading home from visiting the relatives for Thanksgiving, we were in hubby's parents' living room. My FIL gave the kids each a chocolate covered marshmallow santa. The santas weren't very big. Well then hubby's brother showed up with his daughter who is 5 months older than Chicklet. FIL gave her a chocolate covered marshmallow santa and Chicklet was giving him her best poor neglected granddaughter look. So he asked if he could give my kids another one so they wouldn't feel left out. I thought, well they're really small and the kids aren't here but 3 times a year so I said yes. Over the course of the next 10 minutes you could just see the kids turn into totally different kids. They went from being all shy and quietly playing on the floor to Bug with wide wild eyes and a goofy crooked grin squealing and stomping his feet, climbing the furniture and then flinging himself off it, and Chicklet also wide eyed and running circles, babbling on and on and crying at nothing. Yikes! What do they PUT in those marshmallow santas?!

If you have a sweet, cute, or funny Toddler (or kid) story, I'd love it if you'd share it! :)
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