Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Toddler Tales Tuesday

I love my Buggie's laugh! He's got such a contagious giggle! I tickle him all the time to hear it!

1/11 During morning snacktime, Buggie was laying on the floor looking under the appliances and furniture trying to find anything gross he could get his hands on - to eat it. He had Goldfish on a plate but UFFO's (Unidentified Fossilized Food Objects hehe) were apparently more appetizing. And you know no matter how well you clean your floors, nobody is as good at finding something gross you missed as a baby!
Later that night, almost midnight to be more precise, I was up late as usual. I heard the bedroom door open and then a drunkenly staggering Chicklet groggily stumbles over to me, tells me, "I need a kiss!" Gets her kiss and a hug, and then staggers drunkenly back to bed, saying "Night night" over her shoulder. Mmmkaaaayyy...

1/14 Bug comes running up to me saying "Nanana! Nanana!" in a singsong voice. I gave him a banana, he replied, "Nankyou!"
Meanwhile Chicklet is dancing around me excitedly, accidentally steps backward onto my foot. I didn't even notice. She did though and said, "Oh Mommy I'm sorry!" and promptly kissed me before returning to dancing around. Just after that she began singing ♫ I love you Mommyyyyyy! I loooove yoooou Moooommy!♪ making the tune up as she went along. *melt*

1/27 We're watching the State of the Union... Chicklet was at first concerned over the fact that the TV was on and it wasn't Dora (we rarely let the kids watch TV and only prescreened DVDs when they do). After getting over the initial shock, she proceeded to stand very close to the tv, looking up at it with this baffled and offended look on her face. She listened to the speech for a while before suddenly turning around, throwing her arms up in the air, rolling her eyes in exaggerated anguish, and moaning; "Ohhh MAKE it STOOOP!" I tried not to giggle so as not to encourage her disrespect, as I was secretly thinking, 'I'll bet that's what ALOT of people are thinking as they watch this speech.' ;)

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