Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Not "Just" Socialized Medicine

I know you've been waiting for me to say something now that the bill has passed, since I was so vocal about it before it passed. Not to dissappoint, I've just been... well... kind of flabberghasted really that this actually happened in MY lifetime. Depressed, dissappointed, scared, and then finally determined and trusting in God. I've come full ciurcle through a whole range of thoughts and emotions and I didn't want to post until I knew I had something to say that would actually make sense.
Lately among the small part of the population who was in favor of the bill, and among those from countries that already have socialized medicine, I've been noticing a theme. First of all they keep referring to it as "free" healthcare, and second of all they wonder what is so wrong with socialized medicine in the first place that has most of the US all riled up? Well here's my thoughts on that very thing...
It’s not JUST “socialized medicine” it’s so much worse than just a government that can’t handle their finances or their programs as they are taking on a HUGE private sector and thinking they are going to do a better job with it. And forcing individuals to purchase a product that they will later be fined for not purchasing if they cannot afford! Yes, it's is not "free" after all. Instead of giving healthcare to those who cannot afford it like some think, this bill simply forces everyone to obtain health insurance, and if you don't? They take it out of your tax return. So it's not free at all, and you WILL pay for every penny of it. For several years before you can even start to use it.
What’s worse than that is all the things that are in the bill that open doors for the government to gain future control of other things. Think about it. If they control who gets what treatment when and how much of it, then they will also control what types of treatments are even available. Perhaps they will decide that it's no longer your choice to vaccinate/circumcise or not, but that if you don't do what they "reccommend" then you are "abusing" or "neglecting" your child. Here comes CPS to take your kids because you obviously can't be trusted to do what Uncle Sam deems best for them. And what about Naturopathic Doctors? Midwives? Will home births become illegal? Will even Midwives themselves become illegal? Remember how much paperwork you had to fill out last time you went to the doctor or began prenatal care? It will look like nothing compared to the amount of nosey detailed information Uncle Sam is going to want from you every time you darken the door of a medical establishment.
But that is not even the main number one most awful and unbelievable thing about it. This country was founded with freedom and democracy in mind. The government is supposed to be a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. Well the government has become it’s own entity, an elite society, and it is definately not a government of We The People. It’s become They The Government. And not only that but now they have just drawn a line in passing this bill that declares they are no longer BY the people either. Our system is SUPPOSED to be that our laws reflect the majority will of We The People. Well the MAJORITY was crying out to be heard, peacefully protesting and signing petitions and writing to their representatives and instead of voting what the people they represent told them (begged them, demanded) that they vote, they completely ignored We The People and voted AGAINST the wishes of the people and against the Constitution which our country was founded on and has thrived on for so long. They voted this bill in against the people. They voted an illegal law into place illegally – and yet because they are now their own entity that doesn't care what we want, and they are so big and powerful, it’s going to take alot of peaceful and well-thought legal maneuvering for We The People to get our country back from the tyrants who have just stolen control with the illegal passing of this healthcare bill. As Glen Beck said, we can’t let them make us out to be the radicals. We can’t get mad or get even, we must get on our knees and get right with God! God’s favor once rested on this country and it can again if the hearts of We The People turn toward Him! Because God is bigger than They The Government.

Please excuse the typos... it's midnight and I haven't gotten much sleep lately with Z-Buggie teething and being pregnant and having insomnia issues to begin with! So my typing skills are definately suffering for it. ;)


  1. YOu are right on with everything you said!!! I could not believe it either. But ya know jess, people voted for CHANGE and that is exactly what they are getting. It is so sad and YES this bill will make us who are prolife pay for abortions. I do not care what ANYONE says. And that saddens me to the core. God bless the poor innocent babies. When did we not care about life anymore??? All I can say is I have to keep reminding myself that God IS in control. But some things in this bill when you really dig into it really disturbs me!! Hugs Jess and I know how you feel.

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