Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pregnancy update

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since my last update. Where to start?
We have scheduled the ultrasound! My new birthing center does not have an ultrasound machine so we have to go to an independant ultrasound place to have it done so it is scheduled seprately from my prenatal appointment.
My next prenatal appointment is Monday. I get to have my blood drawn. Oh how exciting. Hold me back.... not. Had some trouble getting my records transferred over from my previous births to the place I'm going this time. I hope it's finally all straightened out. If not it means they have to retest me for everything as if it were my first baby (since it will be my first baby with them) and that means more blood. Oh joy. I really hope it is all straightened out. As sick as I've been I just don't know how much blood loss my body can handle. :p So if anyone remembers to say a prayer that the old place stopped stallijng and sent all the requested records to the new place I would be forever grateful!!!! I will admit that I'm a stresser- I worry about everything to the point of making myself sick over it and this is one of many things I'm getting grey hair over right now. It would be such a huge relief to have it go off without a hitch and all the records be there and no problems.
Oh did you want to know when my ultrasound is? Or maybe you just want to know if we're finding out the gender? Well yes, we do hope the baby lets us in on whether to get out the pink stuff or the blue stuff... ;) I know some people think the fun is in waiting but not for me! I'm a planner and I hate unisex. So for me the fun is in finding out and then spending the rest of the pregnancy talking to the baby by name insteaed of calling him/her "it", and going through all the appropriate gender baby things in anticipation, picking out a coming home outfit, and in general looking forward to meeting my baby like a kid looks forward to Christmas. And this time my oldest is old enough to understand that there is a baby coming so it will be nice to teach her the baby's name and help her get excited about a baby sister or a baby brother.
I had absolutely no hopes of the morning sickness vanishing with the first trimester like some lucky women experience! But that tricksy ick fooled me twice! First I started getting better! Much to my surprise. Then I started to get all tired and queasy again. *sigh* Ahhh well I never really thought I'd be home-free now anyway... I did find something to help me combat the worst of it but it took 2 weeks to start working. It's an herbal supplement called Mommy's Bliss Morning Sickness Magic. I haven't been taking it as faithfully since about Friday and I'm regretting it now because I've felt just horrible, worse every day, since Sunday. Guess that'll teach me!
I suddenly feel really lightheaded and think I'd better get off the blog. So I'll leave you to share with me the anticipation of hopefully finding out the gender! :) Oh yeah you wanted to know when didn't you? Okay okay, my ultrasound is scheduled for about a week after Easter. :) That's as much as you're gettin'! ;)

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