Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our weekend was a doozie...

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Our weekend was a doozie! It had it's ups and downs! We've all been sick since a few weeks ago- apparently the kids are still playing ping-pong with it because they keep taking turns seeming better and being sick. Chicklet is doing good at the moment and I think hubby and I are well past the worst of it, by my dear Buggie started Saturday morning out with puking in his crib in the wee hours of the morning and not making a peep about it so guess how we found him at 8am when we went to get him up? Oh it was bad. Really bad. Hubby and I had to take turns in there working on cleaning it all up because the room smelled so bad neither of us could be in there for long. I feel so bad for poor little Bug sleeping in that for who knows how long. :( I remember getting up to use the bathroom at 4am and smelling a faint sour milk smell which I couldn't tell where it was coming from so I thought it must be something I spilled on my pajama shirt when I was pouring Bug's last sippy cup and just fell back to sleep intending to deal with it when we woke up and I could sniff-test in a less groggy and more competent manner. If I'd had any idea what the smell really was from I'd have cleaned my poor boy up ASAP but I didn't, so now I feel really guilty for not guessing correctly what the smell was from. :(

Saturday afternoon during Bug's nap, Chicklet played on the swingset. Now, we don't have much for a lawn. It's thorns and weeds galore and not really a good place for kids to play, but the spring rains have greened up the weeds enough to make for a bit of padding between the thorns and Chicklet so I put 2 layers of pants on her and let her play. She discovered dandelion seeds for the first time and happily re-seeded our weed supply by blowing the puffs all over the place, but she was just so cute and excited about blowing the fluff off them that I just laughed and didn't stop her. There will always be dandelions... what's a few (thousand) more? ;)

Later in the afternoon my husband was talking to the neighbor who said his dog barked so he looked out the window and he saw someone sneaking around between our houses in the middle of the night and when he turned on his porch light the prowler took off. Now that's disturbing... Glad we are armed citizens if there are creeps like that about. Society is much safer when the upstanding citizens are armed.

Sunday I began to feel sickish again so hubby let me take a really long nap. I'm so thankful he did because after that I felt so much better!

Yesterday (Monday) was my prenatal appointment and I'll post about that sometime this week but right now I've got a painfully contracting uterus and 2 tired hungry toddlers demanding my attention. Hope your weekend was fabulous! :)

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