Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My apologies, Toddler Tales participants!

Well I had the Toddler Tales Tuesday post and linky scheduled to post automatically @ 6am this morning and here I come in and 4pm and it's nowhere to be seen! I looked in my drafts for it and there it was just sitting, saying it's scheduled to post at 6 this morning but not doing anything about it. I had to manually post it just now. I am so sorry about that for anyone who wanted to join in this morning and the linky was not there! It is there now! Apparently my Dashboard was having a blonde moment and didn't realize 6am comes BEFORE 4pm? I don't know. I have had this problem before but not for a long time so it took my by surprise this time. Again, I'm really sorry it's up so late this afternoon! I'm kinda glad it wasn't my fault this week since most of the time when it's late it's my own fault... hehe... but still bummed that one of the few times I had it set to post without me it did not. I hope this has not discouraged anytone from posting their cute baby/toddler/kid moments this week! :(

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