Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Talk to me while you sleep - Toddler Tales Tuesday

6/9 As I've mentioned before, Chicklet colors in a chair by my bed while I try to take a little nap in the afternoons. I get so tired when pregnant that some days I can't function without a nap, especially in the first and last trimester. It's hard to get a nap in when you have 2 toddlers, one of whom who doesn't nap anymore but is still too young to be left unsupervised. My solution has been to let her color beside my bed because I'm a light enough sleeper to hear if she leaves the room or asks me something. On this particular day she had finished coloring and climbed into bed with me. She asked me, poking at my hair, "Mama, what color is your hair?" I was trying to stay asleep so I mumbled, "Sweetie no talking when Mama's sleeping okay?" I could feel her nod. But then she leaned over my ear and whispered, "Mama, what color's your hair?" I reminded her that she's not supposed to talk because Mommy's trying to sleep. She replied, confused, "But Mama, we can talk quietly while you sleep!"

6/11 Hubby was changing Bug's diaper, Chicklet was picking out a book to look at, and I was in the bathroom washing the walls (nesting: don't ask... LOL!). My hubby hollered out, "Marco!" and I yelled back, "Polo!" because we're the weird kind of people who play Marco Polo while wiping poo and washing bathroom walls. The kids of course thought it was funny. The next morning, instead of yelling from his crib for me with his traditional sing-song "Maaaaama!", I hear "Maaaarco!", to which I of course replied, "Pooooolo!" as I made my way to the bedroom to get him instead of my traditional, "Buuuuugie!" This resulted in fits of giggles from both tots.

6/14 Apparently the Marco Polo game brought out an ornery sense of humor in my little man! This morning instead of being alerted to the fact that Bug was awake by a call of, "Maaaama!" or even, "Maaaarco!", I was greeted by "Daaaaaddy!" :-S I responded in the same sing-song holler, "Iiiii'm noooot Daaaaddy!" This was met with giggles. And more calls for "Daaaaddy!" And it did not stop there. Every time he addressed me today he called me "Daddy" and then flashed me his stinker grin while waiting for me to make an insulted face or sound.

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