Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UPDATED: 29 weeks is not a good time to be in labor

Toddler Tales totally slipped my mind yesterday. Why? I'm only 29 1/2 weeks but I've been having contractions all night and in pain and they're starting to worry me. So if you'd say a prayer for me that would be great. I need to go call my midwife. Oh and if you have any tips for getting the contractions to stop I'm all ears. I've tried sitting, standing, walking sleeping, ice pack, and sipping water the whole time. About ready to try a heating pad. Prayers & Ideas appreciated.

Okay so yesterday I felt just not right all day. I brushed it off as lack of sleep because Monday night I felt like I was roasting alive all night and couldn't sleep. 8:55pm I had a really strong contraction and it made me suck in my breath and moan. I looked at hubby in shock and said, "Wow, I think that's the strongest one I've had yet!" Then another at 9pm, one right on top of another for a while, probably an hour, and then they started getting farther apart and some were less intense. I was guzzling cold water hoping that would slow them down but they took their sweet time to slow down. I was still having the occasional less painful one by bedtime but that's not unusual for me. I have been contracting almost daily since 20 weeks. Just not this many extra painful ones at once. Well all night last night I felt crampy and then this morning I woke up serious pain from another one of those doozie contractions. No sooner had it ended, than another began. Just like that hour from 9 to 10 last night. I stood up and paced around the house a bit. Didn't help. Sat down and drank some ice water. Didn't help. Put an ice pack on my belly- the ice pack I'd been CUDDLING in bed because I've been so overheated at night - and the ice helped one contraction but became seriously less and less effective super fast so forget that idea. I called hubby at work and told him we might have a problem. Now, I had to call him at work and prewarn him "just in case" with Bug a few times too, but I never had to have him come home and take me to the hospital to get it stopped. There was this one time that I was laying in bed and the contractions were like they were this morning and last night and I was pretty scared, but I prayed and they finally stopped after about an hour. So that's what this reminded me of only I was scared because I'd had them all yesterday evening and then been crampy all night with an occasional contraction, and then woke up in the middle of a nice painful one this morning and they started in with the one on top of each other thing right off the bat. So it scared me. So I called hubby. And then I tried to call the midwife but the office was closed and I feel so bad calling the emergency number in case the contractions are going to just magically stop as soon as I dial, so I decided to try one more thing in the half hour before the office opens. I put my poor Bug back in his crib and asked Chicklet to get him some toys and I went and had a 10 minute hot bath at 8:30am and you know what? It stopped those contractions in their tracks! :) Hooray!

**UPDATE** almost 10am
Okay another update... It's been an hour since I got out of the tub and I had another contraction. I am going to go find my heating pad. I tried to call the midwife office again and no answer. I don't want to call that emergency number. I don't wanna. Makes me feel like a hypochondriac or something. I'll call the office again in a few minutes and see if they answer. I need some fresh ideas for how to get these contractions under control.

**UPDATE AGAIN** about 12:30pm
Okay I've had about 5 contractions total since I got out of the tub and they are only annoyingly painful- which is about my "normal" rate and degree of contractions. Yay! I'm still drinking water like a camel and going to go lay down for a couple hours while Chicklet colors soon. Buggie went down for a nap late; at noon today which means he may or may not sleep straight through until 3 or 4pm! I heard him squeaking alot during the night so he didn't sleep too soundly. Maybe that means he'll be nice and tired and have a good long nap for me. I hope the contractions stay in "normal" range now. I would hate to go lay down to rest and have them start up again. You wouldn't think that a nap would make them start up again though... would you? :-/

**LAST(?) UPDATE** 8pm
Just got the tots to bed. Why is it that the sweetest kids act HORRIBLE when Mommy's under the weather? :p
Halfway through my nap the contractions picked up a notch. They have been coming and going, a few at a time, all evening. They seem to be slowing down again now, thankfully. I tried to call the midwives' office several times today and they never answered. They don't go in on Wednesdays if there aren't enough preggo mamas to have appointments every day that week. Usually the secretary is there though so I wonder why she didn't answer? Hmmm...
Praying I don't start contracting again tonight! Right now baby is moving around in there like crazy. It tickles and sometimes hurts when she's squirming. :) I love it though!

Thank you for your prayers today! ♥ It meant alot to me that someone dropped by and read what I was going through, said a prayer and left a comment.


  1. I'll say a prayer for you! It is too early for baby to come (stay in there little baby!!)

    Here is my Toddler Tales Tuesday post:

  2. Oh no! Hang in there, girl. Praying for those to stop! Keep drinking the water and walking. And call the emerg #. With my 4 pregnancies, the doctors all told me they would rather I called and it be nothing, than fo it to be something and I not call. So get ahold of her however you can.
    Keep us updated as you can.

  3. Drink lots of water and make sure you prop your feet up. Stay in bed as much as possible and try not to walk around. Walking promotes contractions. If however, you find that they continue please go to the hospital. They can administer medicine that can stop or slow contractions down. I had to do that =)

    Sending prayers and a heartfelt hug!


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