Sunday, June 27, 2010

Updates on the pregnancy

Today marks 29 weeks pregnant! Wow! I have so much left that I want to do and it's FLYING by so fast this time. Oh how it dragged with my others; I never expected to be nearly 30 weeks and starting to get nervous about how much I still wanted to get done before she arrives. But I must say it's really such a blessing to have time flying instead of dragging. I was so miserable with my son by the end I was in tears in pain almost all the time, and then he decided to take his sweet time about coming out. So this flying time is strange but welcome. In fact I'm even grateful for the slight twinge of occasional panic about having too much to do in too little time because it only serves to keep the time flying. If I had everything done or close, it would slow it down I think. That's my theory anyway. ;) What do you think?
I have begin walking. I know, the third trimester is a bit late to begin an exercise routine! Lol! I don't really ever walk just for my health anyway, so it's ... um... not easy. Haha. I was inspired to start late rather than not at all by Kim over at Life In a Shoe! I'd venture to guess I'm a little (a lot) nore out of shape than she was before she started so I'm not really seeing any results yet, though she said she felt better almost immediately so I'm holding out hope- any day now!
Friday night I walked about 8 blocks. This was my first walk. I thought my hips were going to explode. Oh the pain! Ow!
Saturday we went to a carnival and a parade and wound up walking an estimated 12 blocks. I could barely move. I got home and sat down and the pain was radiating from my hips and I was contracting and guzzling water and sunburned and it was not pretty.
Sunday I walked 8 blocks again, knowing that the 12 had been overkill for someone who doesn't walk and having paid for it all night long. Well I think 8 may still have been overkill, or else I was living on leftover overkill from the previous day because I was again in alot of pain. So...
Monday night I went for a walk and only went 6 blocks. Still ow but I slept like a baby (SERIOUSLY WHOEVER THOUGHT OF THAT EXPRESSION NEVER HAD A REAL BABY...) and didn't wake up in agony the next morning! I'd have gone 8 but I wore different shoes than I had before and was getting a blister so I cut it short.
Tuesday and Wednesday due to hubby's schedule I was unable to walk alone. Thursday was looking to be the same deal and I really didn't want to go that long and wind up having to basically start over with the boot-camp period, KWIM? So Thursday I bit the bullet and took the tots out in the heat of the day in the double stroller and went 8 blocks. I should have just gone 4 or 6 but I pushed it, literally. And let me tell you pushing 60 pounds worth of adorableness in a double stroller on a broken up old sidewalk is a workout in itself and will induce contractions. I was in all kinds of pain that night, but oddly didn't have any more contractions after I got back home and I did not wake up very sore the next morning. I decided I need to keep at it because surely it will stop hurting quite so bad any time now, seeing as it's starting to be better by morning.
Friday however I was not ambitious enough to go out in the heat of the day with the double stroller again so due to hubby's schedule I skipped the walk.
Yesterday I walked 9 blocks. And even though I waited until 8:30pm to go... WOW it was so hot out! :p I coulda done without the roasty temperature for sure. During; contractions but strangely (for me) not painful ones. I rarely get the unpainful ones. Afterward; hips were not pleased. Very ow. Next morning; still very ow.
So that is my new ambition, exercise. Why am I doing it and why now when I never have had a walking routine before? Well you see I have had such intense hip pain already, and I remember how horrible the hip pain got at the end with my last pregnancy, to where I literally could not even sleep without waking up a dozen times a night crying in pain. I've already begun the stage where the hip pain occasionally wakes me this time. So my hope is that the walking will strengthen or loosen up or whatever those hips of mine need to stop being such a literal pain in the rump. It would be such a blessing to be able to be 8 months pregnant and not feel like just walking through WalMart my hips might explode. So that is my goal, and whenever I have an ache or pain it's my reminder and motivator to KEEP WALKING!

In other pregnancy related news, here's my before-baby to-do list in case you felt like being bored to death. ;)
-Finish Bug's baby blanket. (Yeah I'm so bad I still haven't finished it and he's almost 2!)
-Start and finish Baby's blanket.
-Sew Chicklet's summer dress I bought fabric for (for EASTER) before it's not even summer anymore.
-Finish mending baby stuff.
-Finish the changes to my blog I started how many weeks ago now and have half-done still.
-If I feel terribly ambitious, clone my one dress that I can wear pregnant so I have a spare. ;) Oh and sew those pajamas I have had cut out since Christmas so I have another comfy pair to sleep in.
-FIND those 3 BumGenius that seem to have grown legs and run away to hid someplace!
-Wishing but not counting on this one. Procure supplies to try making Newborn sized cloth diaps to fit baby until she's big enough for the BG. If I ever find those BG... *sigh* Did I mention they've been lost since we moved 2 years ago? Yeah.
-Finish taking back my kitchen from the clutter monster. This one deserves a whole post of it's own... LOL!
-Put up some freezer meals or at least some pre-cooked and pre-measured ground beef and chicken breasts for meal starters for postpartum.
-June; Parades, carnival, and take tots cherry picking.
-July; take tots to firework show. Hubby's birthday!
-August; Buggie's 2nd birthday!
-September; BABY DUE! Chicklet's 4th Birthday! BIL's wedding which I will not be able to go to. :(
-October; Hunting season. Ugh! Need I say more? Lol! Hope I am recovered enough to go for a visit with my Mom while I'm hunting widow. ;)

Okay I'm done rambling on and on now. :) If you remember to ask me about my list later it might help me to stay on track and keep plugging away at checking things off. Keep me accountable! Help me to keep going!

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