Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Condensed Update...

I'm hanging in there. :D Still not going to officially come back to blogging just yet... I'll try to post once in a  while though.
I need to get pics up of what we did 2 Tuesdays ago. Fun fun! I should have done that before I "went on break" but you know how these things go... My brain on hcg is more like a strainer and everything that is not immediately dire drains right through the holes. So that's my next objective if I get a chance to blog again soon.
But speaking of chances to blog- I DESPERATELY need a nap today so I'm not going to be long so lets get this show on the road. ;)

1. Independence Day was great! We watched fireworks from the car because I don't do mosquitoes. Seriously though, who does do mosquitoes? Ick. I didn't escape unscathed though because one followed me home and met his end the following evening after draining the blood from my foot and then attempting to taste test my hubby's bicep. He actually asked for a baby wipe and I turned around with a funny look wondering why on earth he needed a wipe and there was the remains of that mosquito. And yeah, he needed a baby wipe for that one. Very ew.

2. Been trying to get my red raspberry leaf tea down. I have not been able to stomach much beyond mild meat, almonds, some noodles and breads, some veggies, water, and lemonade for most of this pregnancy. It's taken me until the 3rd trimester to be able to keep down any pills (herbs or prenatals or any other vitamins) except for Mommy's Bliss Morning Sickness Magic. Thankfully the Morn. Sickness Magic has Vitamin B-6 and Folic Acid in it in addition to Red Raspberry Leaf and Ginger. So my wee one got at least that for the first 6 months while I couldn't keep anything but meat and nuts down. Now that I'm in the third trimester I can swallow pills again so I'm on a prenatal (although I can only get 2 of the daily 6 pills I'm supposed to take. Seriously these things are like horse pills and do NOT sit well in my tummy. I can't handle 6 in one day!) and a liquid calcium supplement (*GAG* oh *gag*) and sometimes before bed if I'm wound up I take Valerian Root capsules to help me sleep. So now that I've been taking those, I have been thinking it's like 7 months past time for me to be drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea. My stomach has NOT handled tea well at all so far this pregnancy so I'm starting out with Earth Mama Angel Baby's Morning Wellness Tea! I SO LOVE EMAB products! I couldn't tolerate even this during the first or second trimesters but I'm trying to tolerate it now. My poor tummy cramps up really bad when I drink tea, and this one has been no exception. Go figure I can drink an occasional cup of decaff coffee but give me some herbal tea and my innards are staging a revolt. It's crazy... So anyway, I'm making myself because the Red Rasp. in the tea is good for my uterus. My plan is to work up to being able to drink the EMAB Third Trimester Tea which has a slightly higher Red Raspberry Leaf content. This is day 2. I got 2 cups of Morning Wellness down yesterday and my tummy freaked out and threatened to explode. Oh boy. That was a fun few hours. But it did stay down. Today I drank a cup this morning and then it's noon so I had another cup and as I was almost done the last sip my tummy freaked out again with the pressure and the cramps and other things you don't wanna know about... BUT hey it is still staying down. Uncomfortably so, but it's in there. Stay, tea, stay!

3. I NEVER use Spell Check- could you tell? :p I turned it on just now for the first time ever and then had a laugh. It freaked out over "prenatals" - apparently I can write prenatal but not prenatals. It also had a cow about "Folic Acid" - apparently it thought I was trying to write Felix or Fold or Folk. Um yeah... And of course EMAB for Earth Mama Angel Baby because that's just way too long to type out repeatedly. And now in my previous sentence where I typed "of course" it is highlighting just the se at the end of course. Um... Riiiiight. It's asking if I meant to type Sue or See. Now this is why I never use Spell Check. It bugs the daylights outta me. Did it actually catch any spelling errors? Not so much. Just ridiculousness. Speaking of which, it's now highlighting ONLY diculousness in the word ridiculousness and asking me if by diculousness I actually meant to type Ridiculousness. Which I did. It just has chosen to be BLIND to the first 2 letters of the word. Ugh! I'll just go turn that off now and go back to misspelling things my way, TYVM! :p Sorry, I guess you'll just have to deal with my typos.

4. So over Independence Day weekend we dogsat my friend's dog. The kids adored having her here. :) It was alot of fun. Poor dog was probably worn out from all the pestering of well-meaning toddlers while she was here. :) She's such a sweet dog! Very well behaved and good with the kids.

5. My walks were going really good. I was managing to get out about 5 days a week. Then I got hurt on the 3rd and haven't gone for a walk since then. I was walking the dog and she saw a squirrel. I have strong arms (I have toddlers- 'nuff said) so my arms weren't even sore from it, but the jolt somehow pulled both hips, groin, and tailbone all at once. It didn't hurt alot when it happened but later- ZOWIE! I was expecting some pulling but man that squirrel really must have looked juicy! LOL! Anyway, I do plan to resume walking once I'm healed up. I was just thinking last night that if I didn't feel so crummy from the tea I might try one lap around the block as a test run to see if I'm good to go again or not. So maybe tonight I'll get to do my test run and start the walking back up again. I'm scared that after not walking for 5 days in a row that I might feel like I'm starting all over again. IT took 2 weeks of it to stop hurting afterward before. Hope I can get back up to 8 blocks again in less than 2 weeks this time. That home-stretch panic has set in and I keep having this feeling of too much to do and too little time left to do it in.

6. Last night I cooked up 6 pounds of ground beef. I burned one of them and couldn't even blame it on my broken oven! Lol! Anyway, 5 of them, the non-burned ones, went into the freezer in ziplocks for after the baby is born. It's about time I started stashing away some meals. I have no relatives anywhere nearby so nobody to help me prepare. I'm on my own. When Bug was born, my sister and one of my friends sent us some meals to help out a couple times, which was such a blessing! I had not prepared anything in advance at all. So this time I am thinking if all I do is cook the beef and bag it, at least that's a start! LOL! It's better than being in that tired mom of a newborn and toddlers phase and I look at the clock and it's a quarter to 6 and I haven't even thawed the meat yet. Precooked it will thaw fast once I throw it into the hot rest of the meal! Haha...

7. So I'm still taking a break because I only have 2 kinds of days right now. The first kind is like today. I'm so tired and/or sick and/or sore that I just can't even handle the normal day to day things. I need a nap and Chicklet rarely stops talking long enough for me to get a good drift. Lol! I'm sure gonna try though. The second type of day is where I wake up on some sort of psychotic nesting hormone surge and something in my house gets seriuously majorly rearranged. Last Friday I spent all day cleaning my dining room. We haven't used the table in there for ... oh forever. Like a year. Because the leaves are broken and it's not big enough for the 4 of us without the leaves. So I started using it as a sewing room and sewing junk took over the room and it looked like a total disaster in there and I couldn't even find my sewing machine for all the mess. Friday I went to town in there. Threw out 3 garbage sacks, assorted cardboard boxes, and some fabric scraps. Washed the windows, walls, baseboards, windowsills, curtain, floors, chairs, table. Watered the forgotten aloe plant that I hadn't watered in a few months. Good thing it's a cactus... Planted some beans in a pot for kicks (to my amazement they have sprouted... LOL!). Put away the fabric and hangers and sewing machine. Cleared out some random junk that wound up in there. It took me from waking up until about 1:30 or 2pm to do all this and then I took a shower and collapsed into bed for a wanna-be-nap while Chicklet colored and talked at me. Then I can't remember if it was Monday night or Tuesday night my hubby moved the changing table dresser into the bathroom for me. I've been wanting it in there for a a while now but I didn't see how it was possible. Our bathroom is tiny and the only way to get that heavy beast of a changing table in there would be to pick it up and drop it into the barely-big-enough hole behind the sink. And my Superman hubby, after much maneuvering, managed to get it as far in as it would go and then did precisely that- he picked that thing up and lowered it into the hole. Oh my! Be still my heart! :) So the following day I had a nesting burst and spent the morning sweeping, mopping, and rearranging. It's very very very very very crowded in there now but somehow despite that it looks... well it looks cute and functional! LOL! It's going to be nice to have the changing table in the bathroom so I can use it for the new baby. It wouldn't fit in our room no way no how (our room's teeny too) and if it was left in the toddlers' bedroom I wouldn't want to go in there in the middle of the night with a crying baby and turn on the light to change her, KWIM? So now I can use the changing table in the bathroom. Hooray! And THAT little nesting bit has prompted a cloth diapering streak. I haven't really cloth diapered my son much. Barely ever. I lost most of the very few cloth diaps I had in the move the week he was born. So when my mom bought us some clearance Bum Genius for the new baby, and they arrived last Wednesday, I of course washed them up right away. And then when there was our bathroom with the changing table in it's new place, I couldn't resist putting the diaps together and using them on Bug. Now he wets WAAAAAAYYYYY too much to use them at night, but I've been using them during the day. I asked hubby if, if I keep track of how much I save by using cloth on Bug, we can take that amount and buy more cloth diapers with it. And then when the new baby comes I'll keep track of how much we save with her too, and we'll just go on buying cloth until we have enough to diaper our two in cloth fulltime (well except for Bug at night). So that's the plan. Oh and on the side, now that the changing table is in the bathroom, I put Bug on the potty every time I change him! He loves it! He hasn't peed in there yet, but hey, at least it's now become easy to get him sitting on the potty several times a day. Since I'm not motivated enough while pregnant to do the all or nothing, one day and we're done approach. Not that I have any potty training experience anyway. Chicklet was 3 years old and still making potty training my biggest nightmare when I got fed up after one awful afternoon and took away her diapers and told her NO MORE DIAPERS EVER. And she started peeing in the potty that very night and kept right on at it. Not to say there weren't accidents or testing me but for the most part she was done and she has not worn a diaper since that afternoon. So unless I want to wait until he's 3 and cut him off cold turkey, which I'd rather not wait personally, I have to start doing SOMETHING with Bug, preggo or not, and this having the changing table moved has just made that very doable and easy! Hooray!

8. So that's what my life is looking like. I'll update once in a while but for now I feel like if I'm having nesting days I need to take advantage of them and go for it, and if I'm feeling too crummy to do housework, I shouldn't spend my naptime opportunity blogging, I should just take a nap so I can hopefully feel alive enough to cook a nice dinner and finish out the day like a normal non-zombie human being. So here I go off to take a "nap" and de-zombie-fy. I'll catch ya in a few days! Thank you and **HUGS** to everyone who has been thinking of me and praying for me! You're the best! ♥

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