Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cherry Picking - Toddler Tales Tuesday

6/29 We went Cherry Picking!!! It was extra exciting because it was Buggie's first time. We took Chicklet when she was Buggie's age for the first time and I remember that we were trying to teach her how to pick one and then put it in the bucket. She reached up and grabbed one and started to reach to put it in the bucket... slowly... then suddenly she slammed that cherry into her mouth and took off RUNNING away like she was a cherry snitching outlaw on the run from Sherriff Dada and Officer Mama. She would have been about 21 months old at this time and it's a fond funny memory. So we were quite excited to take Buggie for his first time and see what he would do. :)
Buggie (22 months) ate his first one, but thereafter he was just sooooo excited to be helpful that he kept picking them and putting them in the bucket. He got quite a few in there actually!

He was saying, "Catch 'em! Catch 'em!" at first. I told him, "Pick them! Pick them!" so then he started saying, "Pickit! Pickit! WEEEEECH!!!!" (as in reach) as he was picking delightedly.

He would occasionally snitch a little bite and then put the bitten cherry in the bucket with the others. ;) Just taste testing to make sure it's worth saving! LOL! At one point he dropped one in the grass and almost started crying! He kept saying, "Oh no! Oh no! Uh-oh! C'you weech? Ooooh nooooo! C'you weech?" Until I reached into the grass and fished it out for him. He was getting quite upset at the loss of a delicious cherry until I retreived it.
Meanwhile Chicklet couldn't seem to get the cherries to survive from the tree to the bucket. They kept finding their way to her mouth somehow. ;)
Sometimes temptation is just too much for Chicklet. Despite warnings and consequences there are some things in life she can't seem to resist. Juicy fruit fresh off the tree is apparently one of them. I wonder if that's how Eve felt in the Garden of Eden...

So despite her having nearly 2 years on him, Buggie outpicked his sister! He probably picked a cup or two of cherries himself!

We were there all of 15 minutes because it was SOOO hot out and we didn't want to get too many cherries and have them go bad, but we came away with some juicy sweet memories and a purple-lipped daughter. ;)

Excuse my lack of a smile- I didn't know hubby was snapping a pic and the sun was blinding me so I was squinting to see where I was going!

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  1. I am so glad baby girl is turned head down for you. I am also starting the journey of going every 2 weeks. I cannot believe it has flown by so quickly. I just have to say your kids are the cutest. And yes you are very very blessed. God is good isn't He
    I wanted you to stop by my blog when you have time, I would like for you to share a recipe, I am sure you have some good ones.


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