Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Monthly Prenatal Appointment

I see it's been a week since I updated. Still "on break" from blogging but you may have noticed I popped in on Tuesday for Toddler Tales with pics from our cherry adventure! I figured it was time for a real update. I'll try to pop in for Toddler Tales again on Tuesday the 20th and here's a pregnancy/everything else update smashed all into one post for you in the meantime. Oh and thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog! ♥♥♥ I will get around to responding and/or visiting your blogs back eventually... really! :D I'll at least try my best... and I'll try to do that within the next week so they don't get buried or eaten by the internet monster that likes to eat my email notificatons sometimes. 

This week I had my last monthly prenatal appointment! From here on out it's every 2 weeks between appointments for a bit, then every week... and somewhere along the line around mid September-ish a birth story will be forthcoming. ;) Baby sounds good, I'm healthy, no concerns. Oh and she's head-down! YAAAAYYY!!! I knew that from the placement of the squirms and kicks and the way I suddenly can't breathe very well already though. ;) I am happy she's decided to get into position now. Bug was sideways (transverse) for so long that by the time he started trying to get into the head down position he kept slipping back into transverse. I know, I felt it. He would squirm with all his might and get head down and then I'd feel him slowly slip back down down down until he was again laying sideways. I think he got my uterus stretched out too much side to side and then it was hard to get enough leverage to stay head-down thereafter! Lol! He finally was able to stay mostly head down by my last appointment before his birth. Chicklet however was ever the impatient one like her mother, and was head down from 6 months on. This baby's about 2 weeks behind her big sister in going head-down. I'm just relieved because it was kind of nerve wracking to have Bug transverse for so long. I remember thinking, "Come on little fellow, you have to do this! I can push you out breech but I can't do sideways!!!"

In other news...
My tea drinking kind of got forgotten over last weekend and most of this week (but I'm about to have a cup right now! Water's heating!) and I haven't started back up walking again yet. A friend was going to come walking with me Saturday but couldn't come after all so I didn't go either. I should have. It's just been SO HOT out that every time I set foot out the door I feel like I can't breathe and need to puke so I keep putting it off even though my pelvic region is feeling pretty much totally recovered in the injury sort of way and more back to sore from weak muscles and lack of walking now. If only there were a nice air conditioned mall near here. Not so though- the nearest one is an hour away. So I need to just go later at night or something because I NEED to walk and I don't want the heat to stop me.

SO- tea here I come! And walking, watch out! This weekend I'm getting back on the bandwagon! ;)

On the nesting front, I think the nesting is rubbing off on my husband or something. :) He sorted some stuff in the kitchen, did a bunch of dishes, and cleaned the bathroom for me last weekend! I told him he's my hero! ♥♥♥ I haven't had any strange nesty urges this week. Oh wait... I collected and am in the process of washing clothes and toys and bedding that was technically "clean" but just stale from disuse or I decided it must be dirty from being drug around by the kids too much... Does that count? It does? Oh okay then I admit it I have been laundry nesting then. And I've been feeling the urge to sort the baby clothes into the changing table drawers, which I'm months overdue on doing. Maybe I'll go do that right now... WAIT! Must finish this post first! Okay sorry, got a little sidetracked there.

What was I saying? Oh yes I was going to tell you about Buggie's misadventure at the beginning of the week. My poor little Bugling! He was running through the kitchen and his sister was chasing after him and I opened my mouth to tell them not to chase each other over the slidey throw rug in front of the kitchen sink but mouth open was as far as I got on that because he was already falling, the rug sliding out from under him. Our upright freezer is on a platform so it doesn't block the vent in the kitchen and poor Bug's head hit the corner of the platform I guess. It's the only sharp thing in the vicinity so that's what I assume he hit, but it would take some fancy falling to have connected since it's pretty much flush with the front of the freezer and I had a rubbermaid box in front of it so his head would have had to have fallen into the space between the rubbermaid box and freezer at just the right angle. By the time I got to the other side of the island to see what was going on he was just laying on the floor screaming. I thought I saw some blood spatters on the floor as I scooped him up and his hands were reaching for the back of his little head. My heart skipped a beat in dread and I thought, "No no no..." I had one hand on the back of his neck/head and when I moved it, there was a bloody wound in the back of his head and I saw blood pumping glug glug glug out of it with each of his little heartbeats! I think I almost died when I saw it because I knew what it could mean. I was so afraid for him! I prayed and it literally slowed to a near stop as I was praying! And Bug stopped screaming when the blood stopped pumping out. The bleeding and screaming probably lasted a whole 20 seconds before it slowed to nothing but it was the longest 20 seconds of my life. I put an ice pack on it and Chicklet handed him his sippy cup and he started sucking on it and just laid in my arms for a while drinking his milk as I held the ice pack wrapped in a washcloth on his head. Hubby got home about 15 minutes after it happened and Bug was all happy to see Dada. We checked for concussion and looked at the wound. It looked about 3/4 of an inch long and was right in the middle of a large bump. But he was alert and there was no bleeding. A wee bit of oozing yes, but it was not bleeding outright. He was happy. Calm. No concussion. Extra cuddley but normal other than that. I didn't want him running around with a fresh head wound so I put some salve on it and hubby held him while they watched a DVD of farm animals. The kids rarely watch tv so having a DVD in effectively kept him still for half an hour. After which he was running around, stomping, dancing, spinning, flinging himself at me, and babbling on in his slurry baby version of English. You know, acting like a normal 23 month old. I of course being his worrying mother, hovered over him the rest of the evening and checked on him during the night. He was fine. He ate more than normal for dinner, slept like a log, and woke up feeling bright and chipper and ready to pester his sissy. A check of the wound revealed he still had a big knot on his noggin but... I could have sworn that cut was longer the day before! It looked amazing! Well it looked like a sore head wound, but in comparison to the day before it looked great! And again the next day it looked even smaller and better. And now a week later it's a little bitty bump with a little bitty scab on it. It's healing up so well it really is amazing. An I know just Who to credit with that... When he was laying in my arms with an ice pack on his head, Chicklet asked me, "Mama did his head get broken and the blood is coming out of it? Can you fix him?" I told her yes, but *I* can't fix him, God can! So we prayed together for God to 'fix baby Buggie's head owie' and so He has. It could have been so bad. As the blood was gushing out with his heartbeats he could have bled to death- it wouldn't take long for a tiny child. And I felt terror that my son was hurt and I didn't know what would happen. And in my terror the first thing I thought was to call out to the Great Physician to heal my baby, and He did. Starting with stopping that blood right as I was asking. And then healing up that head wound in record time! I could cry with thankfullness every time I think about it. My life has been full of so many miracles! Another precious miracle to add to my list of how amazing God is! And as I type this, my little Bug is sharing his Duplo blocks with me, bringing a smile to my face. :) He *should* be in bed but hubby worked late and when he got home and Bug was still awake ... well how could I say no to my two men giving me puppydog eyes. So Bug is hanging out with the adults tonight, much past his bedtime. I think this is the first time he's been allowed to stay up but somehow I don't think he realizes the significance. ;) He's just happy to be hopping from Dada to Mama and back again, sharing Duplos and taking an occasional drink from his sippy cup.

So I'm going to go snuggle up on the couch with my man and my mini-man for a bit, drink some of that tea I'm supposed to be drinking, and then put the Bugster to bed and organize some baby clothes. Sounds like a great way to spend an evening to me! ;)

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