Friday, July 23, 2010

Life updates July 17-23


Backtracking for a minute, the day before my last update, which I didn't mention in said previous update, the young man who mows our lawn was weedeating out front and his weedeater decided it hated my car and threw some rocks at it. The rearmost side window kinda... disintegrated. Being an awesome honest hardworking upstanding sort of young man, he told me right away and paid for the repair- I would likely not have noticed for days if he hadn't. We fired him. Okay no I'm just kidding! We told him he's all the more valuable to us for his honesty and have been reccommending him to all our local friends! There is nothing more important than someone who is both honest and hard working when you're making a business transaction! The fact that he told me right away is better than a million references or years of business experience to us. I highly doubt we'll ever be looking for a new lawn guy unless and until this particular young man decides to get out of the lawncare business.

July 17-23:
Saturday started out on a great note as Bug kind of slept in a bit so I caught him just waking up when I went to get him. This never happens- he's a little morning person! So I plopped him on the potty right off, knowing he'd have to go, and he did! He thought it was an uh-oh so when he started going he told me "Uh-oh! Ooooh nooo!" I told him it was GOOD to pee in the potty, did a happy dance, gave him an m&m, and Dada and Sissy came in and clapped for him too. He was lit up like Christmas by the time we got done celebrating. He tried a few more times that day but couldn't pee again. It's okay, he's just starting to realize what peeing even is! Plenty of time to learn to control it. He's not even 2 yet so I'm not worried. Besides with the changing table now in the bathroom, getting him on the potty often is much easier. He's bound to accidentally go again. And again. And someday he'll figure out what that gotta-go feeling is and then we'll be doing good! And having to buy stock in chocolate candies. ;)
The car window was scheduled to be fixed Monday so we were carless all weekend. I wound up walking as promised but alot more than I thought or should have considering. I think I walked about 18 blocks over the course of Saturday! I walked to a yard sale and back, to the farmers' market and back, and detoured to get some fresh eggs on the way back from the market. The yard sale I went alone but I was pushing a double stroller full of 70 pounds worth of toddlers the rest of the time. When I got home my feet were tingling and starting to swell and I was sunburned and heat sick and in so much pain! My husband would be going out of town on business for the first half of the week though so I decided to tough it out and not take a nap so I could spend time with him. I did go to bed early though because I was so tired and sore and my ankes were puffy and tingling.

Sunday Buggie was a bit stopped up so I gave him some apple juice which he didn't really even want- he took 2 sips. He also had what looked like a mosquito bite and it wasn't bothering him in the least but his sister thought he needed a band aid so we put a Dora band-aid on it. He was acting fine other than telling me he needed to poo and being a little clingy but not wanting to eat or drink much of anything. For supper he had a single serve container of applesauce because he wanted it and hadn't really eaten anything else all day. About 5 or 10 minutes after eating the applesauce he was sitting in my lap and began to whimper- 2 seconds before the applesauce came up. He spiked up a fever for a few hours but it ran for the hills when I gave him tylenol. And fever or not, 5 minutes after upchucking his applesauce he was bright and cheery and sweet as pie again. I was thinking what great timing, with hubby leaving town in the morning and not knowing what was wrong with Buggie! But Bug was cool all night (I know because I kept checking on him) and woke in a good mood, acting normal all day Monday.

Mama wasn't as lucky. I was feeling totally fine and then just suddenly blacked out. I have always had some forewarning before I pass out because of blood sugar issues so it's been years since I've gotten bad enough to pass out now that I know the warning signs. So to be going on about a normal day and then I'm checking my emails on Facebook one minute and all of a sudden come to conciousness as my head is 2 inches from the keyboard in a freefall. I felt just peachy dandy fine afterward too. NO clue what was wrong with me. I called my midwives' office and they wanted me to have someone drive me in to be checked but I told them I was out a car until later that day when the window guy was coming and my son had a mystery fever the night before so I was keeping an eye on him though he seemed just fine now and that I felt totally normal both before and after the incident. They told me just to make sure I kept eating enough protein and drinking enough water and if I felt weird within the next few hours I needed to come in. I felt fine though. And on a good note my hubby wound up not having to go out of town after all. Of course he got some serious runaround before they informed him of that but we were glad he got to come home as usual that night and by then the glass guy had fixed the car window and Bug had been acting great all day so things were definately looking up. :)
One bad thing did happen though and that was that Dora band-aid on my son's skeeter bite... apparently he's allergic. When he woke up and I was changing his morning diaper I noticed that his arm was swollen and red around the band aid tabs. I took that thing off and where the tabs had been there were patches with blisters upon blisters. I felt absolutely terrible! The bite however was just a tiny red dot almost not even there. My poor little fellow! :'( It's bad when a bandage does more harm than good... :(

After that we had a pretty uneventful, normal week, for a few days at least. Bug has been waking up alot at night though and I've been hitting the caffeine pretty hard to compensate. I also have not been out walking since then because Thursday after nap I got out of bed and couldn't even walk to the bathroom. Apparently my 18 block walk day did what all the walking so far has also done and enticed babygirl further into position. I knew it had helped her drop - Bug wasn't even head down until right before delivery and Chicklet was my first so I finally got a good experience at what happens in the lower internal region when baby drops... Right down onto a nerve she went so that it felt like knives in my cervix with every step. I was doing the crab walk at snail speed and gritting my teeth growling and boy the kids were looking at me strange. I could scarcely walk the rest of the night. I decided that I was not going for any more walks outside and most certainly not long ones. I'll walk an extra lap or two in air conditioned buildings for sure. I actually *like* walking, believe it or not. But not out in the cankle-inducing blistering heat and not so much that her little baby head cripples me by way of nerve-pinching. So I'll be backing off on the walking now. :( I wish I'd done more of it earlier on before it got so hot. Rain or no rain... I'll be looking forward to getting out on the weekends because there will be air conditioned stores to walk in.

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