Friday, October 18, 2013

Final countdown... 20

NESTING READYNESS STATUS: 50% done everything I wanted to be before baby comes.
PHYSICAL READYNESS STATUS: Yeah I'm in alot of pain and queasy and huge and clumsy and awkward and my eyesight is failing a bit and my brain is foggy and my ankles are missing and, well, pretty much my body is at the "GET THIS KID OUTTA ME!" stage.
EMOTIONAL READYNESS STATUS: *insert screeching brakes sound effect here* I want my baby in my arms but I'm scared about the labor pain, the family dynamic changes, and being able to meet the needs of 4 small children and a newborn, so when I think about the upcoming birth, I'm not thinking, "I hope it's today!" I'm thinking, "I'm not ready! Wait! Hang on a few more days... I have to catch my breath here!"

On the to do list: Finish baby's afghan, clean and rearrange kitchen, clean my bedroom, wash my comforter.

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