Friday, October 25, 2013

We wrestle against ... spiritual hosts of wickedness...

It's that time of year. Every year in October it seems that evil becomes so tangible and overpoweringly present, and even proclaimed Christians are feeding it.
Over the last few weeks I've seen so much tragedy it's absolutely staggering. Just on my Facebook news feed and in my groups there have been multiple posts about relatives and friends of those in my circles having been diagnosed with cancers and given a very short time to live, babies and children being in accidents, or getting very sick, or dying, young healthy adults having strokes or committing suicide unexpectedly. Babies with anencephaly, dying of unknown causes, children in accidents, diagnosed with terminal illnesses... Someone in my town lost a 2 month old baby a few weeks ago to "sudden death." My heart is breaking with all the hurting. My friends and relatives are hurting and I'm hurting for them.
It's like the devil thinks he's big britches right now and is running rampant. And no wonder. Have we really stopped to examine the power that we give him this time of year? I've already beat this subject with a stick and longtime readers and "real-life" friends and family know where I stand on the subject. If you'd like to read my series on why I don't celebrate a certain last day of this month, you can read it here.
And a few new links to other blogs and sites for this year that are worth checking out too:

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