Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sew tired!

So today my sis came over and brought some sewing supplies. She's preggo and due in a week. She doesn't have a crib, just this family heirloom cradle of her hubby's which needed a new mattress. Well I'm sure you can guess how easy (impossible) it would be to find a mattress the right size for a handmade cradle that's been handed down through several generations. So she brought an appropriately sized chunk of foam padding and some fabric and we sewed. And by we I mean mostly me since she was intimidated by my sewing machine and was going so slow it would have taken all week. Hehe... So I took over and she took her cankles for a break on the couch and verbally corraled the kids (mine 1 and almost-3, and her son almost-5). I finished up the cover for the foam pad, tried to cut out a makeshift sheet for it but messed up so I got out my fabric (I had a nice bit of some lovely light buckskin colored soft flannel) and made a whole new sheet, one which actually fit this time. Then I made a burp cloth for her out of the scraps and she edged a waterproof pad for the mattress. It took us 5 hours! Bleh! I'm exhausted. I can imagine with her being pregnant she is probably totally exhausted too.
Speaking of which, I have a bone to pick with her! Her midwife threatened to put her on bedrest at her appointment this morning. So instead of going home to nap she came straight here to sew all day. :-/ I should call her and make sure she's chilling at home now with her feet up. If she doesn't take it easy I'm gonna have to pull rank and give one of my big sister lectures. (which, if you know me, consists of giving a dissapproving look and sarcastic "uh-huh's" because I'm too much of a doormat to actually out with it - especially to my fearlessly verbal sibling.)

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