Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smockity Frocks: On Comments

Smockity Frocks: On Comments

My two-cents:
When I read blogs by bloggers that never reply to their comments, I don't post any comments because I feel like if the person can't take the time to at least post once in response her 47 comments "Thank you all for your input!" or something appropriate to the content, then I assume she doesn't even read her comments. ... When I take my eyes off my two toddlers, things tend to deconstruct rapidly. So I want to know that my comments (composed sometimes over the course of hours in the spare seconds between screaming kids, diaper changes, potty training, the little one eating crayons and the big one coloring my kitchen table, and figuring out what's for dinner), are actually being seen and appreciated.

But as others said I don't expect a personal reply to every comment by any means. It's just nice to see one by the blog author occasionally so I know my comments aren't just floating around unnoticed in cyberspace. ;)

... As to whether or not I come back and see if there's a response... Yep. I do. Sometimes it just takes me a few days, but I do like to check back if I've posted something I think might be responded to.

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