Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chicklet Chicklet

So sweet...

And so dramatic...

Chicklet has been a hard one to potty train. Nothing has worked. Until Monday. I've been trying to get her potty trained since she was about 18 months old. I knew she was ready earlier, around 1 year old, but I ignored the signs and waited too long and she went and got stubborn. Impossibly stubborn and set in her ways, refusing to be trained. I've tried everything. Really.
So Monday I went to get her up from nap and found her blankets and clothes on the floor beside the bed, covered with the contents of her diaper. On the bed she lay, wiping her bottom with her bath towel, the emptied diaper at her feet. YUCKY!!!!! And this Mama had had ENOUGH. I said if I'm going to be scrubbing poop out of the floors and furniture it had better be for a GOOD reason: NO MORE DIAPERS. Ever. That was 2:00 in the afternoon. She begged me for a diaper all day and I would not let her have one. I told her if she's smart enough to change her own diapers then she's plenty smart enough to go in the potty. And lo and behold, at bedtime, she informed us she was going to pee on the potty and she sat down and did just that. She has had very few accidents since then.
Today, Wednesday, I told her she'd better quit holding in her poo and do that on the potty too. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon she informed me she would be going poop on the potty now, and she did. And then she pranced over to where I keep the jar of potty training treats (chocolate chips) and...

"Choc'lit PLEEZE!" Sugar and spice, that's for sure! :)


  1. What a cutie! I am potty training too, and we use chocolate chips and grapes for treats. Grapes for wee-wee and choc chips for the other. I am so glad to see her pic.

  2. She is so pretty! We are potty training too. We are doing underwear only during the day time too. At night and nap she wears a diaper. Only one accident today. I am so ready for her to be trained so I can start with Avalynn! Avalynn loves to sit on the potty but has only actually gone on there once.

  3. First of yay! She went on her potty. It was like that with my son.I think I waited a little to long and in the long run just stoped putting on a diaper.On the third day he was potty trained.
    She is such a cutie.

  4. She is just darling (and I guess stubborn too!). Congratulations on this latest parenting victory :) !

  5. this reminds me of the time my sarah , at about 12 months, took her diap off and used it to paint her walls, the inside of her crib, and her teddy! i had to take a deep breath and figure out where to start!!!

  6. That is funny! While there are blessings to having stubborness, they are not fun for a mother to deal with! I am so very glad she is potty trained now - what a relief for you!!

  7. Thank you all! Yes she's a stubborn one for sure! I was (am) too. I hope I can help her learn to channel it properly. For now, it's definately a big relief that she's potty trained. We haven't had to buy diapers in a while! How nice! Lol! With only one in diapers now it's very nice. Now to get Buggie trained...


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