Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mom with a mission blog award

Mom with a mission blog award!

This award is presented to a Mommy blogger who is on a mission! ;) So tell us, why do you blog and what do you love about it? And then pick a few other mom's with a mission to pass this award on to.

I blog because it's fun? Hehe. Plus I'm opinionated and don't have any IRL friends whom I actually hang out with. The only other adult I ever see in person is my husband. I blog because I believe that if a person claims to believe in something, or believe that a thing is wrong, and they don't defend their position, then they don't really believe it at all. If you believe that lying is a sin, and someone tells you that it's not, then I think you should tell them why you know it's a sin. Not to be argumentative, and you should definately pray about using Christlike words, but because if you don't ever tell people and don't stand up for what you believe in then what is the point of 'believing in' anything at all? Even the Bible says that salvation is attained by believing and confessing with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. It doesn't just stop at believing, it says you have to make it known that you believe. So my blog is my witness. A place to show my humanity, and show how God is working on me, and to tell people what I believe and why. And to keep a record of all the cute things the kids do of course. That was my main reason for starting to blog. Plus I'm not so eloquent talking one on one anyway... I stutter and freeze up and wind up saying a whole lot of nothing. I'm really super shy in person. What I love about it is that it's a good creative outlet and I get to socialize with likeminded women; kindred spirits and good mentors are very hard to come by.

To pass this award on to, I pick...
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