Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I will bet you've noticed I've been barely here these last few weeks. You probably assumed it was because of Christmas, and well, it was, a little bit. But there's alot more to it. I will get to it, I promise! But I've decided to try not to spend so much time editing my posts. I lose hours doing that, getting them all non-confusing and pretty to post. I'll try to keep the typos to a minimum- LOL! But as for the rest... well I'm just gonna get it out and get back into the rythm of blogging and not worry so much about the finer editing. Hopefully I don't confuse you all cross-eyed trying to make sense of my ramblings. ;) I do tend to go on sometimes. And on. And on... Not that you would have noticed I'm sure... Yeah... K I'm gonna go now. Bathroom break. Then I'll be back to ADHD blogging. And rambling on and on. And on....

P.S. Hey I have GIVEAWAYS on my review blog! If you're into that whole winning free stuff thing, check it out! New one coming this weekend too! ;)

P.P.S Oh and speaking of giveaways, Givers and Giveaway Lovers, don't forget my big fun posty post of giveaway links galore! I keep it up all month and delete them out as they expire and new are added constantly so check it often and add any giveaways you're having! ;)

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