Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My nephews! Lots of pics of new baby nephew!

These are my nephews:

The big one is J who's 5 years old and the little one is G who was a whopping 5 weeks old in that picture! Some of you might remember I babysat J while G was making his grand debut. ;) This is one of little G's first on-camera smiles! Aww! My sister's family moved back up North right after G was born so this was the first time I'd seen him since then. My hubby went hunting up there and Sis came down with the kids and spent nearly a week here with me, which is when the above pic was taken.

My sis got her much hoped for VBAC with little G and he was born on September 1st... BARELY! He was almost an August baby but decided to hang out in the birth canal for a while first. After giving birth, my sis went home and had a nap. Then, even though we offered to drive J back there or keep him another night, they decided to drive here to get him instead. So I got to hold baby G just hours after he was born! What's that? I didn't post pics when he was born? Oh my how rude of me! Well here you are... Enjoy! ;)

Sis was changing his diaper, which woke him up and I couldn't resist some pics of his cutie little face with those teeny eyes open!

Isn't he cute?!

So as to get you nice and confused by trying to clarify, when hubby went up there to hunt in October, the kids and I went with him and then stayed at my parents' house, where my sis and her fam were living temporarily, and then sis and I carpooled back HERE to my house, which usually takes 6 hours but tends to take more like 8 or 9 with a newborn. :p Then sis stayed almost a week here and then drove back up there. She drove at night though on her way home and made much better time. I so prefer that drive at night too. Night = sleeping kids. Day = screaming bored hungry cranky cramped kids. Night is better. Way better. Except that USUALLY, at all non-hunting-season-times, it's my hubby who is actually driving. Day = awake alert driver hubby. Night = Cranky bored stiff tired falling asleep hubby. *sigh*

So while I was up there, before sis and I carpooled back here, I got some pics of my parents with their grandkids. Nephew J was being stubborn and did NOT want to get in the picture so he was being a total monkey and kind of obnoxious the whole time. He also would not relinquish my mom's reborn doll he and Chicklet had been fighting over since they woke up long enough for a picture. Bug was trying to go limp and slide to the floor off Grammie's lap because he was bored how long it was taking. (FYI anything longer than a milisecond of holding still is like torture for him. Boys!) Baby nephew G was screaming because he wanted some yummy mama-milk and Grampie was obviously not lactating. Chicklet was tired because she got a grand whopping 2.3 hours of sleep the previous night because it was just too exciting to be at Grammie and Grampie's house, so she looks kinda zombie-ish and must have left her smile in bed. My dad was trying to jiggle baby G to calm him, scold nephew J for being a pill, and smile for the camera all at the same time. My mom was laughing at nephew J's antics and didn't seem to notice Chicklet falling asleep beside her, Bug sliding off her lap, or baby nephew G screaming himself purple. *sigh* Oh well, it's a family memory. We all know how pictures go with kids. The more kids the more funny facial expressions and outtakes! Lol! Oh, and Dad was in his just-fed-the-farm-critters clothes and Mom was still in the sweats she slept in but they were sweethearts and humored an impromptu first-thing-in-the-morning photo. So here are the pics from that adventure:

Fast forward to Thanksgiving! I didn't get to see my sis or nephews at all when we went up there for Thnaksgiving because they spent Thanksgiving with my sister's inlaws.
Christmas is a post all it's own, but I'll leave you with a comparison shot of baby nephew G from Christmas so you can see how much he GREW in the 2 months I didn't see him! That's his dad holding him, and yeah, my BIL IS as goofy as he looks! Hehe... (Hope he doesn't read blogs...) ;)


  1. I was looking at the pics before I read and thinking "Oh my, that poor new born baby" LOL, Looks so real! Great pics, thanks for sharing!


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