Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toddler Tales Tuesday: Lions don't like cucumbers

Sunday, August 30th:
I picked up my nephew JD(almost 5) from the birthing center where my sis was in labor and as we're driving home at almost midnight, he's peppering me with questions. I decided to make some sort of productive conversation to avoid having to think of toddler-comprehendable answers this late at night. So I started asking him what Bible stories he knows. I asked if he knows Daniel in the Lions' Den and he replied yes, so I started quizzing him on it. At one point I got to the following question...
Me; "So he got thrown into the lions' den right?"
JD; "Yep!"
Me; "Why did they put him in there?"
JD; "'Cuz him was prayin' and they didn't want him to?"
Me; "Wellll sort of. Basically. But the lions didn't eat him, right?"
Me; "Why didn't the lions eat him?"
JD; "Because lions don't like cucumbers! Blech! 'Bye guys! Thanks for the Pizza!'"
[I can only guess this must have been the result of too many Veggietales although I've never seen this one myself (My kids don't watch tv anymore, see topic "Project No TV") so not sure, But you have to admit it is kinda funny... "lions don't like cucumbers..."]

Tuesday, September 1st:
I'm putting Bug(1) down for a nap. As I change his diaper, Chicklet(almost 3) climbs into the crib (holding a green foam ball that actually belongs to Bug) and tells me, "I gonna takea nap!"
Me; "Umkaay... You are going to nap in the crib with Brother?"
Chicklet; "I gonna takea nap inna crib with Buggie."
Me, putting freshly-changed Bug in the crib with her; "Okay then here you go. Night Night!" and I left the room to make Bug a bottle since he was not in the mood to nurse before nap.
When I came back, Chicklet had given Bug his ball, layed down beside him, and covered both of them with Bug's blanket. It was too cute! I just hate that I had to spoil the fun. ;)

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