Thursday, September 3, 2009

Customer Service and Cloth Diapers

I recently emailed a certain well-known diaper company to inform them we were having problems with the tabs ripping off some of their diapers. The other day in my email I got an apology letter from the company saying to expect something in the mail soon. I thought, "Well at least they apologized (which is more that I got from Taco Bell- but that's another story)! But what are they sending me? A couple $1-off coupons or something?" Well I was right about it being coupons. But I was wrong about them being $1-off. The coupons were $10 off!!!!! And there were 8 of them!!!! That's right, I was sent $80 worth of coupons because we had been having the tabs rip off the last few boxes of diapers. WOW! I must say I am super impressed with the customer service! Customer service is very important to me. That's the same reason I buy Graco baby gear. Because Graco is not anal or stingy about replacing it if something goes south. Don't you just LOVE good customer service? What companies have you experienced great customer service from?

And lest you think I lied about using cloth diapers let me set the record straight! Lol! I am one of those Mama's that cloth diapers. I ALSO use disposeables. Yes, that's right, I'm a traitor and use both! You see, I only have half a dozen BumGenius (love love love BumGenius! ONE adjustable size for the child's WHOLE life! Can't beat that!) so they would last me about half a day if that's all I used. I'd have to wash diapers every couple hours and forget about time for line drying or soaking out poo stains! So I just use 1 or two Bum Genius a day and the rest are 'sposies. Besides, I happen to like the convenience of 'sposies for nights and car trips. So guess what I'm going to do with all the savings from the abovementioned $10-off coupons??? I am gonna stop at a certain baby furniture store on the way home that happens to carry BumGenius in the back corner and I'm gonna pick me up a cute little cloth dippie. Each time. That's 4 trips worth of coupons, That's $20 in savings per diaper buying expedition since I have 2 kids and they each get a box of nappies, That means 1 BumGenius each time for 4 trips. The disposeable diaper company just bought me 4 cloth diapers. Okay now I really feel like a dirty traitor...


  1. I need to write to a certain diaper company too because I also had problems recently with tabs ripping off. The worst part was that it happened while I was camping. That is awesome that you got those coupons!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment! You look like such a happy momma!

  3. Ooh Kelly that would be terribly inconvenient! :( Did you bring duct/duck tape? That's what we do with the ones that the tabs come off... we duck tape them on! Lol! You have to cut the tape in half lengthwise so it doesn't touch and irritate their skin, but hey, in a pinch duck tape makes awesome replacement diaper tabs! Lol!

    Why thank you Too Many Kids In The Bathtub! What a nice compliment! :)


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