Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Update on Mom's trip

Well my mom arrived safely home from her healing seminar on Sunday. I have not talked to her by telephone yet but she said her right shoulder is not hurting anymore. That's a good sign. She stopped off at her dad's grave on her way home. He just died July 1st. :( She said she left him some chocolate and had a good cry. It makes me want to cry, thinking about her crying, thinking about her missing her dad, and thinking about how I miss PopPop too. The last time I ever saw him he didn't even know me.
If you feel led to pray for my mom, Thank you! And a special thanks to my wonderful friends who have her on their prayer lists! :)

And if you're feeling all depressed now, just so your trip to my blog isn't a total downer today, scroll up and read my Next post which has SUPER AWESOME news in it! It's a very up sort of post in contrast to this one. Oh and more upbeat things to come soon!

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