Monday, August 31, 2009

My sister had her baby!

My sister had her baby at 12:30am this morning! She came over to my house this afternoon to pick up her 5 year old, JD, who had stayed the night here. So I got to hold the sweet little baby G! He is 7 pounds 2 ounces - SOOO tiny!!! She had thought he would be a girl.. good thing she brought unisex clothes to the birth! ;) Anyway he is just precious and sweet and soft and tiny and I now officially have baby fever worse than I did before... LOL! He was very sleepy and only woke up for diaper change time. Then as sis was snapping his sleeper closed again he was looking around and suddenly sneezed. I think it must have been the most tiring sneeze in the history of the world because he was looking around before sneezing and then after the sneeze (you know how you close your eyes when sneezing) he just never opened his eyes back up and instead settled back into sleep. He was making adorable little baby squeaks and snorts. Too precious!
The tots were totally enthralled by the baby. This was the first time JD met his baby brother. He LOVES babies and so does my Chicklet so when that carseat came in, before baby was unbuckled, there were two oh-so-eager and totally adoring toddlers crouched in front of the carseat staring with HUGE grins at the sleeping tiny one inside. They were like vultures just hovering around the carseat waiting for permission to touch. Lol! It was so sweet! They got their turns to hold the baby (Big Brother JD first of course!) and spent the rest of the visit petting baby G's feet and hands and soft hair. And giving him extra kisses of course. Little G has been covered with kisses on the first day of his life. I can't think of a better way to start a life, can you?

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