Sunday, June 20, 2010


PLEASE do not forget if you are adding giveaways to my linky, Blog name and end date are needed as well as the name of your giveaway! I gave you plenty of space to do this. It's important to have your BLOG NAME AND GIVEAWAY NAME on there so people aren't wasting their time clicking to go enter your giveaway when they've already entered it from another linky! If you simply don't want to put your blog name on there then the only reason I can think of is that you WANT the extra clicks from wasting people's time, which is not very nice indeed, so I hope that people are just forgetting and this reminder will do the trick.
It is also important to have the END DATE listed in the entry because I am the pregnant mom of 2 toddlers under 4 and unfortunately as such I do not have the time or energy to click each link to find out when it ends so that I can delete it when it is over. I delete the ended giveaways to keep my linky list looking nice and neat for my readers and giveaway seekers as a courtesy- again so they are not wasting their time by clicking or wading through ended giveaways. If I cannot see at a glance which ones have ended to delete them, then I have to, as a matter of time management and pregnancy survival, simply DELETE any entries that don't have an end date without looking at them. I'm not supermom. I can't do it all. I can't go and fix each entry that did not follow the proper format. :(

SO, if you don't want your link deleted as soon as you post it, please please pretty please make sure that in addition to the item you're giving away, you also have your blog name and the end date in the title! Thank you so much for helping me to survive Hyperemisis Gravidarium and the other more typical challenges of pregnancy by doing this! I really do appreciate it so much when I don't have to fix or delete the links! So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who does, and especially to those who always have and don't need this reminder! ♥

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