Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Tacos! - Toddler Tales Tuesday

6/18 Friday evening we walked to a children's parade, pulling the tots in the wagon, and then afterward wandered up the street to the carnival to scope out the fair food for the following day's outing. We had had taco pizza for supper on Monday, and Tacos on Wednesday, and leftover Taco meat for lunch on Thursday. Hubby's reading off the signs on the roach-coaches and when he gets to "...tacos..." Chicklet pipes up from the wagon, nearly flying out of her seat in distress, "NO Tacos!!!!!!!"

6/19 We had a nice walk to the carnival, where we ate (not tacos, hehe) some yummy fair food. Every time someone walked past with ice cream (which was every other minute literally) Chicklet would turn to me and ask to please have some ice cream. Oh how vulnerable kids are to the power of suggestion! We told her we would have ice cream another time and went instead to the petting zoo. Now last year Bug was too little to go in the petting zoo. I think I took him in for a minute but Chicklet was afraid of the animals and needed my full attention so I handed baby Bug back over the fence to Dada. Well this year I took them both in while hubby guarded the stroller. And to my delight, neither of my kids was afraid of the animals this year. Both walked right up to the goats with their cups of grain and giggled and petted and talked to the animals. Chicklet wasn't even scared of the calves until one moo-ed. The sound startled her and she jumped and screamed. Then she turned around and I pointed to the calf and told her it was just the baby cow moo-ing and then she was okay. Bug was so not afraid he kept trying to escape me and follow the ever moving herd of goats around, giggling and petting them while mumbling to himself, "Pet pet pet!" At one point, he bolted and ran straight at the rear end of one of the newborn calves with his arms outstretched, saying, "Huuuuuugs!" I snatched him in time, thankfully, and tried to explain to him that we don't hug butts- especially livestock butts. :-/

6/21 Buggie climbs onto the roof of sister's plastic dollhouse to reach the TV buttons. Me, "Hey, don't stand on that, OK Bug-Bug? I don't want you fall of and hurt yourself; it's dangerous!" Bug squats down and asks, "Ouchie-bonk?" Me, "Yes, exactly. Ouchie-bonk." Bug climbs off the dollhouse and goes off to find something else to play with.

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