Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Bug!

Happy 2nd Birthday, little man! How time has flown! I feel all nostalgic, remembering this day 2 years ago, snuggling my newborn mini-man.

(Trying on Daddy's hat.)
Later there will be cake and balloons and a present, maybe two.
For the morning though, he's easy to please! He wanted cookies for breakfast- lucky I have some Cookie Crisp cereal left in the cabinet. He got his wish. :)
Afterward perhaps popcorn and a movie on this rainy afternoon? But who needs the movie- we'd rather have popcorn and watch the rain! :)

Follow it up with a nice long easygoing nap and we're having a splendid low-key day so far! Now to figure out what to have for supper for the boy who doesn't like real food... hmmm...

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