Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Otion and Uh-oh's - Toddler Tales Tuesday

7/13 An American Girl catalog came in the mail. Bug is napping so I let Chicklet peruse the catalog to keep her quiet. She's been "reading" it for ... an hour and 10 minutes so far.

7/14 Bug (23 months) had a little piece of chocolate covered grahm... I went to wash him after and wondered why his fingers were distinctly less messy than his face and what he'd used to wipe it on. It was then that Chicklet (3 3/4 years) informed me that she had licked his fingers clean for him.

7/15 So I warmed a bowl of soup for lunch after feeding my tots some finger food, and guess how much I got to eat? 3 bites. Yes 3 bites. The other 37 bites are now in two little toddler bellies running around my living room, while the finger food is untouched on the table. I'm sure you other mommies know exactly how this goes. ;)

Weekend of 7/17 Buggie peed in his little potty! I think this is the second ever time and the first time in a long time. It was when he first woke up and I put him on the potty before he had a chance to go in his diap. He looked down and said, "Oooh no! Uh-oh..." but I told him it was a good thing, not an uh-oh! He was excited that he got an m&m for it. :D

7/25 Chicklet comes up to my husband and I with a toy Nemo figurine on a toy plate, telling us she cooked supper! We're havin' fish tonight!

7/30 Chicklet is hugging Bug on the couch. Bug giggles, "Mama! See (she) squishing me!" Hehe...

8/1 I think I'm gonna miss my free daily belly massage. :D My two little helpers love rubbing lotion on the preggo belly. Bug comes running up to me, pointing up at the Earth Mama Body Butter lotion on the top of the computer desk with one hand, making rubbing motions with the other hand, and saying, "'otion" over and over again. As in lotion minus the L. I love toddler-speak! :) Baby gsister loves getting the massages too. And the tots love it when baby sister pushes her feet against their hands as they are rubbing in the lotion. Such a sweet bonding time! :)

8/3 My little man pooed in the potty a little bit! For the first time ever! He's almost as proud of himself as I am of him. :) He was also quite excited about getting 2 more m&m's. Then again who wouldn't be excited about m&m's right? I sure would be! ;)

8/4 Chicklet says to me, "Mama we can go down slides just not on our bellies when we are pregnant... right?" The things she comes up with! Like I'd be going down a slide on my belly at my age, preggo or not! Hahaha...

8/9: Chicklet-ism: "Mama I was walkin' and I stepped on a-sumpthin' ouchie and I fell down and now I don't wanna walk on two feet!"

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  1. Having a toddler of my own (18 months), I had to comment. I LOVE "toddler-speak" too! I wrote a post just yesterday about my love/hate relationship with the term uh-oh.


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