Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life Updates August 3-10

Tuesday the 3rd of August began with a certain little man going poo in the potty a little bit for the first time ever. He was almost as proud of himself as I was of him! :) His sister was ever so encouraging, talking to him in a high-pitched sugar-sweet voice. She was was thrilled when he went and promptly asked me if that meant we all get an m&m. Hmmm... Ulterior motives? Hehe... ;)

I had contractions ALL DAY LONG and painful ones at that so by the time evening rolled around I was about ready to claw my way out of my own skin to escape them. Why can't I have "normal" Braxton Hicks? Rumor has it they are not supposed to hurt, but mine always do. Rumor also has it they're supposed to feel different than true labor contractions, but mine feel exactly the same; nice and painful like getting chewed in half by a shark. Rumor also has it that they are supposed to not last longer than an hour at a time or else it means it's real labor- I can only laugh at that one. If that were true I've been in real labor for a few months already... should I call up the Guinness' Book Of World Records and see if a 4 month labor makes the record? Lol!

Also this day, between wishing one could escape their own body for a vacation, I taste tested my newest batch of homemade yogurt. I should blog about it soon. This was the third time I've made yogurt and I made a double batch for some experimenting. It turned out both the best and the worst results yet! ;) I shall keep you in suspense until I can do a yogurt blog post. If I put all the details in this post it will likely get lost in the archives quicker than I can sniff out chocolate. I want a less cluttered post for a topic that is informational in nature in case someone wishes to reference it later. Like myself to look back and see what worked and what did not. :)

By Tuesday evening I was throwing up from the pain and wearing on my body the contractions were doing. When they finally stopped near dark after the kids were in bed asleep I cannot even begin to tell you how relieved I was.

Wednesday promised to be another difficult day, with my uterus behaving much like the previous day. The kids were up too many times all night long and it didn't take long for the throwing up to start since I was again contracting and still hadn't recovered from the day before.

Thursday morning at 8am sharp the contractions began again. I see a terrible nasty pattern forming here...

But I was wrong! The contractions slowed to a stop around noon and the rest of the day was actually quite nice and even productive! After the kids went to bed I was cooking up some more beef to freeze cooked for use later, and when I went to put a fresh ziplock of browned beef in the freezer I saw that cookie dough from a week and a half before and had to have some. It was yummy, of course, since there were chocolate chips in it and what with chocolate is NOT yummy, I ask you? ;) I browned up 4 pounds of beef and loaded the dishwasher too. Okay technically I browned up 5 pounds of beef but I went ahead and made it into taco meat for the following night's supper. And then I was having a preggo snack attack so I had a taco. You know, to make sure it was edible. ;) Just taste testing!

Friday the 6th came much to my relief. It was a long week.

Chicklet and I had a tea party. Again. I've been getting my tea down, thanks in good part to Chicklet taking to the idea of having tea with Mommy every day and reminding me. It makes it much more fun to drink tea when your almost-4-year-old thinks you're having a daily mother-daughter tea party. :)

I've been crocheting on Bug's baby blankie too. I hope to have it done in time to present it to him for his 2nd birthday. *sigh* Oh how it grates on me to say that! In my defense, I DID have it partially done by his birth and he spent notable hours wrapped in the finished end of it on my lap as a newborn while I crocheted on the unfinished end. So he really did get to use it as a newborn... :-/ Really. But it's been unfinished for 2 years too long, used or not, and it would really really make me happy if I could get it done in time for his birthday. Which is WEDNESDAY! Oh my how time flies! He's still my little baby, how can he really be 2?!

Sunday the 8th my hubby left town on business again. :( The kids and I had stir-fry for supper. It was uneventful.

Monday morning started with me blowing my stuffy morning nose and starting a bleeder, which upset Chicklet. Again an uneventful day followed. I was up until 1am because when hubby's away I have this desire to sit up all night and guard the house. Not that I'm a heavy sleeper if the house NEEDED guarding, but I'm a control freak, what can I say? 1am is actually early for me to be turning in when he's gone. There was a funky storm and I was up listening to it rumble through and when it finally hushed up I went to bed.

Today an hour after I went to bed, at 2am, Chicklet came in my room to give me a hug. In the middle of the night? Umkaaaay... Then at 4am I woke up to the kids arguing! Bug has learned the word NO and it's his absolute favorite. Chicklet however takes personal insult when he says it. So he's in his crib grinching "No!" and then she respons with a snarl to "Stop saying No at me!" and they were getting louder and louder and I hollered for them to hush up and go back to sleep! It's 4am for goodness' sake! :p But no, No such luck. There was all manner of drama which I had to deal with until just before 6am when they finally fell back to sleep and I was able to go back to bed. The day RE-began at 8am as usual with Chicklet staggering from her bed to mine to snuggle. We got up, me very very slowly, and got Bug up, and then I blew my nose and started a bleeder again, just like yesterday. :-(
But after all that, this day ended up on a happy note because hubby got home and this was his last business trip hopefully for the year! At least for a good while because this coming Sunday marks 36 weeks pregnant (!!!) so they know he needs to be close to home from here on out in preparation for the big event. :) I'm so happy he's home for good! For a few months at least. So today was a very good day after all! And tomorrow my little Buggie baby turns 2 years old! No! If I stomp my foot and cross my arms and pitch a fit can I slow time down do you think? (You're thinking you know where my 2 year old leanred his NO fits... *wink*) If I thought it might work I'd try it. Children grow up way too fast! And next month Chicklet will turn 4! I'm feeling all nostalgic and sniffley now...

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